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A term, often thrown around randomly in the entertainment industry, to refer to an aesthetically beautiful teenage female, who can act and/or sing. It commonly applies to one fitting this description who plays the lead character on a popular teen sitcom (or rarely, drama series), usually one that airs on a tween-oriented cable television channel such as Disney Channel, etc. The term can and often does apply to more than one person at a time.
Girl #1: OMG, look at Selena Gomez, she has got the best style. She definitely is worthy of the title, "teen queen."
Girl #2: Wait a minute, I thought Miley Cyrus was the teen queen.
Girl #3: Hold on, I thought that Demi Lovato was the "teen queen"?
Girl #1: I'm getting a migraine, I'm so confused.
by T.L. Hughes October 01, 2010
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