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Teen Titans is an animated series based on DC Comic's comic book series of the same name. It rates an 8 on the animation scale as the range of motion of the characters is the predominant focus and balances out a flatter graphical sylization. I highly recommend it.
The modern era of higher budget allowance animation modern neater styles of animation with a wide range of motion take precedence to a fully stylized stop motion expressive style. Teen Titans provides a good range of visual entertainment an doesn't rely soley on a soundeffects or voice track.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 28, 2010
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comedic drama targeted for young groups but enjoyed by all ages. took off from an old comic book in the 60s. might seem stupid to begin with, but very adicting.
robin- martial arts champion, obsessed with winning and protecting poeple, once worked for batman, very seriouse but can have fun.
beast boy- funny guy, green dude, kind of a screw up, likes to have fun, can change into any animal, bug, or germ. can be seriouse if needed.
starfire- alein not quite used to earth customs let alone slang or history. very smart in science and the universe. strong, can trow star bolts that explode on empact, can fly. loves learning new things and being with her friends.
cyborg- bio-mechanical human aquipt with a variety of weapons and tools. very sporty, very strong, very good fighter, doesnt like to lose or to be made a fool of, likes music, vedio games, and his car.
raven- dark, but has a light side. cant go crazy with emotions especially anger, or she will lose control and just kill everyone. really doesnt like to be considered creepy. enjoys reading, meditating, being with friends. bad bad bad past with evil deamon rapist father.

all in all, a good series, tho might seem lame to some, acually has good story lines, arcs, humor, and drama.
raven- "evil beware, we have waffels."
by MK April 01, 2005
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1. A comic book about Robin (of Batman) and fellow teen superheroes.

2. A fauxnime that appeals to fans of Japanese cartoons. Since it's not really Japanese, calling it "anime" is a stretch.
Kid: Let's watch Teen Titans!....Wait, why is this anime?
Otaku: This is not's not true Japanese art.
by Brick Wall February 05, 2005
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A show made for younger audience but watched by many older audiences.

I find it funny how people bitch about this show using japanese animation, even though the japanese people borrowed from our animation first. This show wasn't made for the wapanese, fuckheads. This isn't the first show to borrow certain styles from other shows.
by BlackWolf4830 August 17, 2005
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A American-branded "anime" targeted to ignorant American youth. Has five characters, all of which probably stemmed from a stereotype or social group in school, you know, just to get in "with the crowd".

Robin - The loner, he is the protagonist of the entire story, the team leader. He does everything on his own, and loathes the zealous attempts of his fellow teammates to rescue him. A master of smack fu, and is just too fucking cool to die.

Starfire - Naive refugee from the Eighth Moon of Acrelon Five, fled after the moon exploded. Capable of super strength, energy bolts, flight, and unexpected panty shots from the camera. From what I see, its a oversexualized perception of fobby Japanese preteens.

Cyborg - A unintentionally racist depiction of the white man's stereotype of a black guy. Obsessed with cars, guns, and high-tech stuff. 9/10ths of his body is completely mechanical and electrical, armed to the brim with laser guns, jetpacks, and a faulty battery. Says "daaamn" and "homie" alot.

Raven - Goth girl, daughter of a succubus and a vampire, Toni Dominicii (AKA Raven), was born with extraordinary abilities in telepathy, telekinesis, and other crazy mind-oriented superpowers. Since her powers are tied to her emotions, she must resist showing any signs of anger, sadness, happy, and despair towards her companions, for it would prove fatal.

Beast Boy - The chinaman, nobody likes him, eats lots of tofu and flied lice, and only gets helped out of pity of his Aryan teammates. Has incredible potential, can transform into any animal, whether it be a mighty man-eating elephant or a fatal germ. Also his particularly green skin texture (possibly a indirect hate crime against Irishmen) makes him ostracized from society, and frequently gets tempted to join the Dark Side of the Force.
Robin - "Damnit team, I told you not to follow me. Why the hell do I even have you in my secret architecturally impossible T-shaped clubhouse? And what happened to batman, he was way better than you four losers."

Starfire - "Robin... please don't take your frustrations on your friends."

Robin - "The hell with you woman! I don't even know why the artists interposed my timeline with current year 2004-2005. For fucks sakes, I was partners with the bat since late 1940s in Gotham City."

Cyborg - "Daaaamn foo... you niggaz are all I got. Dem bitches out there are tough homie. I hate coppaz, and I hate foos who look like coppaz, ye hear?"

Raven - "Death, darkness, despair. The evil within, consuming me... must destroy...."

Beast Boy - "Hey girls, I can eat 20 gallons of tofu in a hour to put my name on the world record. You gals wanna take count?"
by Chang Tan March 05, 2005
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A cartoon that really confuses me because of the fact that Rachel Roth (Raven) doesn't actually manipulate the teen titans, and there has been no scene with her seducing the Flash which was actually part of the early comics made in the 60s or so.

Although true to many ideas and keeping characters within their super power characteristics, the story plot seems to be very off. Something that also confuses me about this story line is how the world actually can't end because the current Flash has the ability to travel in time using his speed.
My life's work will be to open a parallel dimension so that I can take Raven on a date while having god-like super powers that can blow the shit out of things in a real cool way.
by Kamisama July 02, 2005
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The show is kind of cool but boring.Pretty stupid but addicting. I don't get why they use anime when none of the characters are Japanese.
Robin:Too serious. Focuses on his work and yells at team mates. In love with Starfire. He has no powers but all those gadgets.
Starfire: Not used to Earth customs, girly, weird. She's from Planet Tamaran. She's in love with Robin.She shoots starbolts, green bullet thingies, out of her eyes and hands.
Raven: She's moody, dark, and an introvert. She fights with Beast Boy but can be funny. Raven is telekinetik.
Beast Boy: Says "dude" way too much. He has green skin, tries to be funny, is a little annoying, and Beast Boy can change into any animal.
Cyborg: Half man, half robot. Likes to have fun but is serious, too.
Robin: STOP! Okay,Teen Titans, we NEED to do this and beat Mr.Man.
Starfire: Why would we hit him? I beleive we only wanted to defeat him? What if we hurt him? What if he hurts the hairstyle I got at the "mall"?
Raven: Just GO. I'm getting bored with Mr. Lamejokes here.
Beast Boy: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Raven: So he couldn't hear your lame jokes.
Beast Boy: (laughing) That's a good one!
Cyborg: Come on, you two. That was funny, but let's get on track here.

by Caryne May 29, 2006
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