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Teeman, is any substance or article of matter that is "in the club", or near a "pyton", which are two objects of individuality, that reflect the adult world of society.
"Jenny, I got da' teeman in da club."

"Carlos, I got my pyton wit' all da teeman in da club."

"Rebecca, will you please pass me another bowl of freshly ground teeman?"
by Teemanmaster595 June 16, 2009
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Teeman is one of the legendary islands in the world. They say Teeman is only a mythical island. The island is known for its amesoweness. The only beings that can enter the land of teeman are the "Tia's" and "Aiman's"
Guy 1-- " hey have you been to Teeman yet?"
Guy 2--- "nah, they say its a myth"
by NamiArnetiA April 01, 2010
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