Teela is a girl who's extremely attractive who likes good music and is always fun to be around. A Teela is someone who you'd be very lucky to call yours.
"Omg congrats, don't let someone else catch her attention, girls like her are impossible to find!"
by Cumslut666 September 20, 2013
Top Definition
Teela is a girl who is half Tila Tequila, half normal. Of course the good half of Tila Tequila! Teela is a party girl who get's freak sometimes. The other half is the normal person in her. She goes to work or school, has a good girl appearance. Teela can also have a Tila Tequila temper, often yelling and screaming at idiots.

Bob: Damn, Teela really gets around. And I heard she was freaky!

Dan: I never knew that, I always thought she was a good-girl, get her homework done, goody-two-shoes!?
by magnificent. March 07, 2009
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