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(Noun) A person, usually a girl, who wears tee shirts that A. Contain slogans that he or she doesn't understand,
B. is a band tee of a band he or she doesn't listen to,
C. is worn only to impress someone else. At worst in case A, the slogan will be very, very crude and/or sexual. At worst in case B, the subject will not even know that the band he/she has on his/her tee is a band! At worst in case C, the person whom he/she is trying to impress will ask them about it and laugh at the subject for wearing that shirt.
A.Boy: "Practise safe lunch: use a condiment! Haha. I don't get it. OH WELL!"
Store clerk:"You are such a tee-shirt ignoramous..."

B.Girl 1: "Ramones? Probably some new designer brand! FWEE!"
Girl 2:"I looked it up before... All that came up was some icky goth band..."
Store Clerk: "Y'all are ALL tee-shirt ignorami!"

C.Boy: "Woah, you like the Ramones? What's your favorite song?"
Girl: "What? Uh..."
Boy: "You don't listen to the Ramones, do you? Hahaha. You poseur! You're such a tee-shirt ignoramous!"
by otsanig December 27, 2005
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