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A tee hee girl, or more commonly referred to as an airhead or dumb blonde, is the bubblegum princess in the world of labels. The mini-skirt, "baby doll" tee and stores such as Mariposa, Claires/Afterthoughts, and Abercrombie & Fitch were specifically designed for this breed of girl. They earn the name "tee hee" for the giggle that is emitted from their gloss covered mouths. The giggle is usually emitted: when their lack of intelligence blocks a real answer to any sort of question, they are mindlessy flirting with any boy in sight, they are partaking in their favorite pasttime of gossiping on the phone with their friends, basically after any and every sentence. The hair flip, confused look, and sentence "whatever" were perfected by the teehee girl.
The epitome of a tee hee girl would be Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears.
"Hee hee hee, like I totally don't get how to divide 10 by 2. Hee hee, could you explain it to me again?"
by Rachel L. April 22, 2005
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Any highly skilled entity capable of covering its mouth and any mouths of other entities in its proximity via hinderment with its limbs in supreme succession due to its overwhelming timidness of sound frequencies directed at it.
Advice: Avoid at all cost.

Do not go in there! That room is full of teehee girls!
by Colby Chan February 20, 2006
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