An ultra left wing media mogul who enjoys humping dogs.
Oh shit! Ted Turner's in town! Hide Muffy! - Strong Bad
Top Definition
1. To masturbate alone.

2. The opposite of a Jane Fonda.
1. Why did she have to break up with me?! I'm so upset! *ted turners*

2. Let's see, there's me, you, and two girls. I will Jane Fonda and you can Ted Turner.
by Michael Habic September 13, 2007
I don't know where that moron got that Ted Turner was a republican. He's probably in the top ten most liberal people is the U.S.
-Ted Turner is a neo conservative
-You're dumb
by Gangsta P.I.M.P. September 04, 2005
Another liberal billionaire.
Once married Jane Fonda (after her affair with the Viet Cong).
See George Soros
The lesbian protester was unable to name any Republican billionaires.
by Sense December 02, 2004
A television remote control. Sometimes simply shortened to "ted."
Pass me the Ted Turner, baby. The game's on!
by lazlo silverman July 15, 2005
the devil.....
Ted Turner is the devil
by (|)(|) March 08, 2004
Neo Conservative, extreme right wing billionaire, who has a huge media empire that includes establishments like CNN, AOL, Time Magazine, TBS and more.
Unlike other sources of far right propaganda, Turner cloaks his messages under a thin veil.
Ted Turner is an aristocratic fatcat.
by asredasblack February 04, 2005
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