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A hero of our generation. Bow down to the force that is.....the TECHNOVIKING.
TECHNOVIKING doesn't dance to the music. The music dances to TECHNOVIKING.
by DrNordo January 25, 2008
78 12
Take one burly mofo.
Add techno beats and braid beard.
Techno Viking!
Techno Viking doesn't dance to the music.
The music dances to Techno Viking.
by kurosen October 09, 2007
369 329
The new Chuck Norris
Technoviking wins.
by Numaga October 26, 2008
31 5
Techno Viking, protector of blue haired chicks.
That 'blue haired chick' Techno Viking was protecting is a dude.
by yourmomssisterinlaw January 17, 2011
35 10
The bio-logical father of Chuck Norris.
The Techno Viking is the one who taught Chuck the roundhouse kick.
by Jezuz58 October 03, 2010
25 5
just another internet meme. people over hype how great he is but he is really just a a guy who looks like a modern interpretation of what a viking is supposed to look like and dances to techno.
the techno viking i just like chuck norris meme , both utterly stupid.
by noreallycrazystuff October 02, 2009
57 1071