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Phrase coined to refer to a group of guys who were lucky enough to be born handsome. Known around most parts of Hampshire and Surrey, (and any places they may visit) this closely-knit group of witty, confident and popular friends have established themselves as the official 'Team Handsome' although there are many imitators across the country - Often abbreviated to 'TH'.
"Oh Look! Team Handsome are here!!!!"
"Oh my god! Isn't that guy from TH?"
by Philip LeGrand July 10, 2008
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The definitions abover are very true and reliable. 300 subscribers to have agreed with me.
The definitions could not be described better. They are very true.
by Website Executive July 31, 2004
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Two irresistibly handsome and sexy lads. Bailz, and Zaf. Irresitbly sexy with no flaws whatsoever. They can pull up to seven gyals a day! The sizes of there manhoods are very impressive and overall they are mature, sexy young lads with a lot going for them.
"Bailz and Zaf are lookin fly tonight"

"They sure are handsome"

"sigh* I wish I could be like those two"
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Oh Sigh! I wish I could be like team Handsome, I desire their beautiful looks and extremely sexy bodies. Oh! how i wish to be like those two very sexy males. I would do anything to be like them. They are so sexy, they make me horny.
"I wish I could be like Team handsome!"

" Oh how I wish!"
by Anon July 31, 2004
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