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Team Punishment is a moderator on the forums who is suspected to being a closet queer. While he has not officially come out of the closet many members suspect he is batting for the other team due to his phaggyness displayed on the forums. Rumour is that TP and other mods - pUniCepts, memcop and Trinity1216 engaged in a orgy cause TheLBM's 2 inch penor could not satisfy trinity. Truth be told that memcop took the brown road on TP while trinity performed a "Cleveland Steamer" on TP's chest while pUniCepts was sitting in the corner fondling his noodle
User 1 - Is it me or did it just get gayer around here
User 2- Yeah Team Punishment just logged in
by ForumSentinel February 09, 2014
The most badass gang in all the land. Leaders of this gang are honored for their extreme toughness and bravery. Gang activities include tag-team wrestling and vandalism. Watch your backs Team Punishment is on the loose!
Its not vengeance, its punishment! Team Punishment 4 Lyfe.
by MEOW-MAN33 December 01, 2006
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