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An act in which multiple male drinkers go outside to urinate at the same time. It must be done outside, preferably on a straight stretch of bush so nobody takes an unintentional gander.

It is common courtesy to yell "TEAM PISS" before you need to urinate. Nobody is to be excluded from a Team Piss, so you must yell loud enough to inform all present drinkers. Whoever else needs to urinate is obliged to stand up and join you in yelling "TEAM PISS", until all drinkers are aware. If nobody responds, you are free to piss by yourself outside or use indoor facilities.
Male Drinker #1: TEAM PISS!!!
Male Drinker #2: Thank god, I've been holding it in. TEAM PISS!!!
by TrickticklerD September 13, 2009
When two or more persons (not just men) urinate at the same time. Team pisses can be anywhere from outside to the common bathroom. People who Team Piss shout "TEAM PISS!" while using the rest room.
"Dude, I have to piss!" -Friend 1
"So do I!" -Friend 2
*looks at each other*
"TEAM PISS" -Friends 1 and 2
by Amberra January 17, 2011
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