when guys use a teacup pig to attract girls; it usually is not effective but some girls have a weak side for teacup pigs because they are so cute
I'm going teacup pigging tonight to pick up some chicks at the mall.
by squirrelgirl15 October 27, 2012
Top Definition
Having anal intercourse with a midget while said midget is eating a bowl of cereal with no utensils and squealing like a pig.
Man, when Bill Clinton was in office he couldn't stop "teacup pigging" the Midget Society of America.
by Dirty Old Man Needs Love October 25, 2012
Going balls deep into a shank while eating sandwiches and playing the music of beck on cassette tapes and clips of Bill Clinton on VHS simultaneously.
I can't get the image of Monica Lewinsky outta my head after teacup pigging Aubry last night.

I got into teacup pigging to combine all my loves of music, history, sandwiches and sex.
by Astate indians October 28, 2012
An act that is sexual in nature and preformed to the music of beck. Also used to refer to the impeachment of former president Bill Clinton since he is generally accepted as the one who made teacup pigging famous.
I'm totally teacup pigging your mom later.
by astateindians October 27, 2012
a sexual innuendo having something to do with Bill Clinton and/or Beck often indicating some sort of perversion or comical act.


Teacup pigged
John: You seen Jane?
Phil: She's teacup pigging a cigar on the balcony.
John: Oh, that's where it's at...
by whitecloudsharpie October 25, 2012
1. The act of seduction involving teacup pigs.
2. The act of sexual intercourse because of teacup pigs.
Bill Clinton was teacup pigging with Monica and Hilary.
by Bmason12 October 25, 2012
a method of luring women to perform sexual acts.
Monica Lewinsky fell for Bill Clinton's impressive teacup pigging skills.
by mgray's favorite October 25, 2012
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