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Boring people who would rather spend their life after school staying at school.

All teachers think that they can control a class(which is 98% untrue).

Teachers usaly bore you to death by explaning to much.

Other teachers drive you crazy by making you write to much.

Some teachers that don't know the meaning of rest give you homework everyday.

Some stutter all the time.

Others like to shout and chuck tamtrums like 3 year olds when ever you make a mastake.

Others also always give too many dettention slips so they don't look vunreble when the class mucks up.
Teacher: Today your we are going to write a 5 page report.
student: Oh thats boring.(class mucks up.
Teacher: I'm giving you all a detention.ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAR.
by theyuongteen January 29, 2005
92 94
A human (yes, a human. As in, someone who eats, sleeps, drink, etc.) that gets bashed on if a student gets bad grades.
"I have an F in Science. Stupid teacher can't teach anything."
"Why don't you try actually paying attention in class?"

"Nah, that's too hard."
by JustTryingToSeeBothSides November 20, 2011
3 8
someone who works hard to ensure that young people are inspired.
She's passionate about her job, she must be a teacher.
by Teachers r ace February 02, 2010
19 26
Teachers (see pedophile) are sluts who got divorced or married a dumbass and who can't afford to live, so they take the first job they can find and take out all their anger on the students. Let's see, how so? Let's look at an example:

Kid: Mrs. Anders--
Teacher: WHAT?
Kid: Oh I uh, just wanted to know if--
Teacher: Did I give you permission to get out of your seat?
Kid: Well no--
Teacher: That's it, you're getting written up.
Kid: But I just wanted to ask you something.
Teacher: WHAT???
Kid: Can I please have yesterday's homework?
Teacher: No. Now take this conduct slip and go to the office.

"Hmm, well, maybe she was just having a hard day", you may be thinking. You might even be thinking it's what she teaches that matters. After all, the reason why we have school is to learn, right?

If this was the case, the teachers would be able to explain everything they teach in a nice, easy-to-understand way. They would be showing it's OK to make mistakes because it's a natural part of life and they understand. And that we're all in this together, to learn how nice and fun it is to learn such wonderful things.

Instead we have asshats who didn't learn fuck and are just sticking to what the book and curriculum say. They just tell you bits of information and expect you to put it all together in order. Then they give you homework and expect the homework to be what teaches you. But they didn't actually look at the homework themselves, and so the homework has what the teacher didn't cover at all because he was either lazy or procrastinated or some shit.

And let's say we forget some homework. It's the natural part of life, right? We procrastinated maybe and found later we were just too tired. When we do something like this the teachers make us come up to them and they yell at us. Then they make us feel like idiots by insulting us and humiliating us in front of the class. Teachers can even take it as far as making students call their home and explain what they did.

Things like teachers, school, and homework are the reason why we haven't developed time travel yet, or efficient air/solar/water powered cars.

Teachers are fuckin' retarded.
Kid: Uh-oh, my computer crashed.
Teacher: Well it's your fault.
Kid: Why?
Teacher: Don't you back-talk to me.
Kid: But I wasn't!
Kid: Well what do I do now?
Teacher: You worthless child, you're not going to live a life with this kind of attitude. Some day someone's going to kill you and you know what, I'd be damn happy for whoever does it.
by XFi6 July 10, 2008
75 82
A government employee who actually cares about his/her job and is unable to collect unemployment benefits but doesn't care and does it anyway out of love for the work.

An altruist, who actually likes kids and teenagers other than his/her own.

Someone who cares more about helping others than himself/herself.

Loathed by Republicans, hicks and inner city trash.

Loved by people you would actually want living in your neighborhood.
"Teacher, teacher" ... the crowd exclaimed when referring to Jesus Christ.
by 50 Shit September 15, 2007
61 68
(noun) A scruffy or degenerate individual. A probable alcoholic.
Barman 1: Who's that tramp ass motherfucker ? He just drank ten beers, he sits only and talks to himself. And he be dressed like a motherfucking clown.
Barman 2: He's some kind of teacher or maybe he just acts like one.
by Nice Uncle Andy October 06, 2006
89 96
1) A naive woman who, in her youth, was a brown-nosing obsessively organized girl with no other positive influence in her life aside from her teachers, who gradually matured around the actions of teachers and henceforth was too passive or familiar with the education system to persue a career more rewarding and lucrative.

2) Currently the destruction of an evolved generation who could have led the world to enlightenment but is held down by traditional values and lack of motivation.

3) A person who applied for a college professor position but was told to start from the bottom and work up.
Highschool, the destruction of a generation, is being held up only by the committed and biased women of the world.
by Jake Taylor March 25, 2004
56 69