A teacher is someone who attempts to teach in a school. These people are paid terrible amounts, which may be why some of them don't like children. There are three types of teachers - good teachers, neutral teachers and evil teachers.

Features of a good teacher include (but are not limited to) - having a sense of humour, an interest in the pupils (but not sexually) and their interests, forgiving, helpful, doesn't give out a lot of homework.

Features of a neutral teacher include (but are not limited to) having an okay-sense of humour, non-threatening, gives an okay amount of homework, sometimes helps, may show favouritism.

Features of an evil teacher include (but are not limited to) -
no sense of humour, vindictive (never forgives), gives out lots of homework, shouts a lot, helps only if required, hates school children, expects school children to understand all things taught off by heart, very strict, wishes that the good old times would come back so that they could cane you if you were naughty.
An example of a good teacher:
Pupil: "Hey, sir, I didn't get the homework yesterday because I wasn't in."
Sir: "Ah, okay. *Gives homework* Why weren't you in?"
Pupil: "I was ill, sir."
Sir: "Aww, what did you have?"
Pupil: "Flu, sir."
Teacher: "Poor thing. Well, at least you're better now, having the flu is hell"
Pupil: "Sir, I don't understand the homework."
Teacher: "Here, let me help :D" *Helps with homework*

Example of a neutral teacher:
Pupil: "Sir, where was Shakespere buried? It doesn't say in the book..."
Sir: "It does. Look on page 64 :)"
Pupil: "Sir, what does 'illiterate' mean?"
Sir: "Look in the dictionary."
Pupil: "It doesn't say, sir."
Sir: "You haven't even opened the book yet."
Pupil: "Oh. Ta, sir."

Here is an example of an evil teacher.
Pupil: "Sir--"
Sir: "What?!"
Pupil: "I didn't do the homework becau--"
Sir: "Why the hell not?!"
Pupil: "Because I wasn't in"
Sir: "Well you should have got it off a friend! Detention!"
Pupil: "That's not fair!"
Sir: "Talking back?! For that, it's doubled!"
Pupil: "I hate you, sir."
Sir: "I don't care. Now go to your seat and finish your work you stupid child!"
by Loading May 09, 2011
Teachers are those people who ask you to find solutions for problems you haven't known before.
The teacher asks: Why is a parallelogram not the same as a trapezoid?
-> Is that really important???????
-> Do we really need to know that in our future??
by KleeneNot4U December 09, 2006
A man or woman who stands up in front of the classroom on the first day of school and tells you they teach "differently" than all the teachers you have had in the past. They then proceed to give you work to do from your textbook.
Teacher: I teach differently than most teachers you have had, we do a lot of fun activities in here. Now open up your books to page 267 and answer questions 1-5.
by soxxfan9824 November 29, 2008
A person whose life calling is in the perpetuation of the body of knowledge and experience gained through thousands of years of civilization. Often attempts to impart said knowledge despite resistance from students who do not care, parents who do not care, administrators who care about the wrong things and other people such as religious fanatics and governments who want their own agenda satisfied. Teachers are passionate about their subject matter, and given a class of students who actually want to learn, there is no end to what can be accomplished. Your typical student nowadays do not understand the one basic fact...without education, you go no further in life. Education is the cornerstone of a civilization. If people were given this value from birth, our poor country would not be in such a sorry state today. Teachers do not give homework to punish or ruin your life. They give it so that you can gain the practice you need to master subject matter. You might not see how you can use this matter later in life, but unless you happen to have a crystal ball (and know how to use it), you really have no idea when you might need it. One of the most important things you can learn in school is time management, so that you can both get your work done AND have a social life, rather than wasting time complaining and end up with no time to do either. Teachers are not people who failed at other things, all of the teachers I know and work with chose teaching as their career outright. We are teachers FIRST, in other words. Our current educational system is not perfect, it's not even great, it needs a lot of fixing up, but until our country as a whole begins valuing education and the role it serves in boosting the economic and social well-being of the nation, it will continue to get short-shrift, and parents will not encourage their children in a positive manner to participate in the process that will ultimate lead them to their adulthood.
"Man, that teacher really sucks!" "Well, if you shut your mouth and actually did your work, you might do well and change your mind!"
by gadjitfreek July 18, 2006
People that teach you in school. They could be good or bad. Most are bad if you have my teachers. Like my math teacher would cry in front of the room about how like her. Most of them act like they care, but they don't.
The worst teacher I've ever had is my current home ect teacher. She hates all of her students except her favorite. She yells at you for the smallest reason, and never stops talking about the house that she is bluiding. Everyone hates her. She doesn't deserve her job. God, I hate her.

The best yeacher was my old reading teacher. She was cool.

Teachers make school boring.

by Blake Marie March 26, 2007
A person that helps you solve problems you'd never have without them.
(Teacher) Write this 100 times!
(Student) ok..
(Teacher) Now you know.
by OneRaven February 08, 2012
Someone who teaches students at a school, whether it be preschool or high school. Teachers can vary in niceness from the best teacher who gives almost no homework and lets you do anything to a teacher that constantly screams at the class and gives assloads of homework.

Teachers, even if they seem mean, are not bad people. Yelling or other disciplines are just their way of doing things. I am not one who likes teachers yelling, but it's not their fault. If you're stuck in a class full of assholes and teeny boppers with no common sense and never shut the fuck up for 5 seconds, even the nicest teachers may lose it, maybe more frequently than others. It all depends on your classmates, and even you.
Teachers are good people that want you to learn and be able to get a good future, but if your asshole classmates fuck up class every day, that goal gets pushed farther and farther away...
by Bashe February 26, 2006
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