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They be the bitches working at school's teaching the students.

1.Sometimes they are mean old hags who live to see students suffer and live their lifes in pain, while they are off sucking dicks off of the preps.

2.Sometimes they be so god damn hot! You be sprung!

3.Occasionaly there is some teachers who actually let you learn.
1."Mrs. Hag, I turned in my homework."
"Bitch! Betta get outta my face!"
"Outta my face"*snap* *snap*

2."Woah check out Mrs. Hot she's so god damn hot I just wanna eat out tonight!

3."Mr. Wang is teaching for once."
by DontbeHatin April 28, 2005
51 149
a person that gives head due to the fact that knowledge and head are 1 in the same...teachers give knowledge to their students
I heard that girl is a good teacher, she loves givin out knowledge
by E Bailey November 14, 2005
29 133