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An exclusive club (guarded by a burly bouncer w/a red velvet rope) just for teachers. Characterized by smooth almost erotic jazz, dim lighting, lingering cigarette smoke, posh lounge furniture, and the smell of opium smoke and pencil shavings.

Patrons of this lounge will typically be smoking joints, downing hard liquor, snorting cocaine or participating in some kind of orgy/rave.
1) The bouncer wouldn't let young Billy into the Teacher's Lounge.

2) Mr. Smith looked stoned after he emerged from the Teacher's Lounge.

3) Teacher: "Aw shit! I left my coke in the Teacher's Lounge!"

Student: "What?! You've got cocaine in there?! I want to go!"

Teacher: "No students allowed!"
by crackbaby#69.0 February 18, 2011

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