In BDSM circules, particularly femdom, teabagging has a different meaning.

You take a male, possibly tied up, and a glass of ice water and move the glass so that his balls are submerged in ice water. It is important to bob them on and off or he will just go numb. Much more painful to do it on and off. It is even more effective if you switch between ice cold, and very warm water. (Not hot water, you do not want to cause burns. It should be cool enough to comfortably hold your finger in it for a full minute.)

If the bottom isn't tied up then there is a psychological aspect to it. And if there is D/s involved then the bottom might be ordered to do the bobbing.

Girls should think about this if they are asked if they want to try teabaggin
My girlfriend punished me with a teabaggin.
by Jessica9 August 19, 2005
Top Definition
1. Act of inserting your balls into a girls mouth for sucking.
2. Placing your balls on one's forehead, usually while they are asleep, and taking a picture or video of it for later shaming.
1. She was teabaggin me when I blew my juice
2. I teabagged him at that pary once
by Carney January 12, 2004
When one slides there nuts in and out of anothers (man or woman) mouth from a vertical position.
I was tea baggin her while she jacked me off.
by hot gay jeremy November 26, 2004
A man stands/kneels over a woman and dangles his balls in her mouth.
by big hedd September 16, 2003
when a man repeatidly submerges his testicles into the mouth of a man/woman. The tea bagee must be laying down for easy bagging.
Yesterday when you left, I was tea baggin your sister.
by 13inchpenis October 14, 2006
tea baggin is when a guy's be placed over some girls mouth and he be dippin it in and out her mouth like u do with a tea bag to make tea
"i was at this party and this girl was tea baggin like a pro"
by luv August 03, 2004
To place your bared testicles on a random object.

Often followed up with a photograph left for the owner of said object to find at a later date.
Those guys broke into my room and left photos of themselves on my digital camera teabaggin' everything in the room.
by T-bagged June 07, 2005
n. When a dude inerts his sack into a chicks mouth.

also good to do when someone pass's out
Man...dude was tea baggin all over dat girl

Dude...girl passed out and he was tea bagging on her
by Andrew FF September 15, 2004

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