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Tea potty ideology describes the nonsensical extreme and ludicrous positions of the Tea Party aka Tea Baggers such as the repeal of the Amendments 14, 16, and 17 to the US Constitution or arguments that the Consitution does not contain a Separation of Church and State. These feckless leaders are intent on leading the Country into an Idiocracy. Though the movement truly lacks any coherent or unified positions on anything, and much of what they say is not well thought out and is entirely inconsistent, to the extent that there is common ground amongst this diverse group of angry lunatics, this phrase summarizes what they stand for because for the most part it is utter bullshit and should be flushed down the toilet!
The Tea Bagger Candidate for US Senate in Delaware opined and stated her Tea Potty ideology that there is no Separation of Church and State.
by jmspaesq October 31, 2010
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