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to be defined
"Next week wednesday 16th then? (don't have time on thursday)...20:00? or is thenTdF?"

"I believe, TdF, is what I would call industrial jargon of the sort tbd, or "to be defined". With Lizzy working in industry, I can imagine that in such cultures people use all kinds of acronyms like that."
by Fartmeißter July 11, 2008
3 14
Something is very good. Or; "To die for".
-Man, that song is just TDF!

-Yarr! I hear ya!
by Goblinswreckedmyhome June 25, 2007
98 33
The Downtown Fiction; a band.

Cameron Leahy; lead singer
David Pavluk; bass/vocals
Eric Jones; dummer

EP dropped on March 2, 2009
I lalalalalalove TDF's EP! : D
by That.Girl.You.Know. March 02, 2009
74 47
Too Damn Funny (( tdf ))
* after a joke *
" Man that shit was Tdf ! "
by f0rdizzl3 September 05, 2005
42 26
To Die For! Something that is oh-so EPIC that you would lay your life on the line for it! (Although its hardly ever used literally. Someone who would call MC TDF is obviously homolicious.)
Josh Perry: OMG! Did you see MC in that pool! That boy is daaaaam fine! With a TDF body ae!
JoJo&Rachee: Josh you're gay. Go die in a hole.
by imaWOODchuck. January 25, 2009
14 7
TDF - Means (Too Damn Funny)
" TDF" Too Damn Funny
by Real Time September 05, 2012
2 1
Trap, Dominate, Fuck - to use your skills on a woman, to talk her into giving it up, usually in one night. From street chess terminology.
"Man, I thought she was going to be a tough nut, but I got a couple of drinks in her and it was totally TDF."
by Richard R.W. October 20, 2008
13 12
Turd du falafel. A french term use to describe the turd you lay after eating a lot of falafel.
Dude! I had such a huge TDF after that falafelparty, I needed to flush twice.
by falafelman October 24, 2010
5 5