Temporary Autonomous Zone, coined by Hakim Bey, who prefers not to define it but referred to in several of his writings. An experience where, ideally, participants temporarily free themselves from restraints imposed by social conditioning and regulation; an experiment in group immediatism; a creative event where new codes of behaviour are established by those present.
Despite its synthesizing force for my own thinking, however, I don't intend the TAZ to be taken as more than an essay ("attempt"), a suggestion, almost a poetic fancy. Despite the occasional Ranterish enthusiasm of my language I am not trying to construct political dogma. In fact I have deliberately refrained from defining the TAZ--I circle around the subject, firing off exploratory beams. In the end the TAZ is almost self-explanatory. If the phrase became current it would be understood without difficulty...understood in action.
-Hakim Bey
by Emo Eric March 31, 2004
Top Definition
The coolest person to walk the Earth.
I love Taz. She makes me hot.
by Taz March 27, 2005
The coolest of the coolest people everrrr, she always listens and is one of the bestest friends you could ever have. the sweetest and the most BEAUTIFUL person to ever walk the earth!!!!

Taz is often short for Tasneem, Tasneem means water from the fountain of jannat.

i love you taz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
taz is sooo coool!!!
by Sony PS3 August 16, 2008
somone who is very good looking.
Mena amd Lillim: OMG look at that boy.You should Holler.

Pooja: Fo reelz. That boyz a Taz!
by Smoochiez baby April 28, 2007
A character in the internet video series, 'Starship'. She is from Argentinia. She joined the Rangers when Commander Up saved her from robots 'stringing her up like a pinata' at her quincenera. Taz often breaks into random Spanish, and may use it in place of a curse word, though, she has a filthy mouth as well. She strongly admired Commander Up, and idolizes him. She has a strong hatred for Mega-Girl, a robot humanoid. In all, she is one tough son of a bitch.
Taz: "Que pasa, you piece of shit!?"

Taz as she and her team are being attacked by a giant spider: "FELIZ NAVIDAD!"

Taz to Mega-Girl: "One more comment like that, and I'm going to wrap you up in a tortilla. And then I will eat you. As a snack. Maybe with some pico de gallo."
by StarKidTaz June 26, 2011
The act of violently rotating on one's vertical axis in order to repeatedly have one's penis slap the face of a kneeling sexual partner.
I'm gonna taz that bitch tonight!
by Dowdy & Weirdo October 16, 2009
Derived from Arabic. Meaning someone with a big nose, big nostrils or unusual shaped nose.
That man has a Taz. He looks like Gonzo from the Muppets.
by halal Pachino November 10, 2011
A former ECW wrestler who used to finish matches by choking his opponents.
Did you see Taz choking Sabu? That was great!
by Kapoutman November 10, 2003
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