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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. A kind and sweet-hearted woman that can make anyone feel like the best and luckiest person in the world. Very, very attractive with a hot as ass. Usually a brunette with slightly wavy hair and some cute curls, has strong eyebrows and possibly the best smile in the world. Very good in bed, and can tease you beyond belief, she'll have your schlong rising faster than an Asian skyscraper being built. However she is not too great in the kitchen. She is very good athletically and can pick up skills and abilities very quickly, very flexible and would make an amazing cheerleader! She is the best thing that will ever enter your life, and you should never, ever, ever let her go.
"Woah, is that Tayvie he is with?"

"Yeah I think it might be!"

"That lucky bastard."

"I know right, what a good pull.'
by MrSweg June 24, 2013