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The act of stitching up one's female genitalia, followed by the systematic butchering of said stitches in a decidedly un-Saville Row fashion using one's man-pork..
Jamie had a quiet thursday....lunch was followed by the tayloring of a helpless wench.
by crt1979 October 24, 2009
The act of going farther than stalking and or creeping.
Dude, cutest guy at the movies. I couldnt help but start Tayloring him.
by SherlockHolmes006 June 05, 2010
Taylor-ing: The act of going farther than stalking and/or creeping on people. Specifically, humans of the Male gender.
Maya: What are you DOING??

Nicole: Wait. You didn't see that guy?? He was sooo HOT . I couldn't help but start "taylor-ing" him!!!
by LAH-LAH-LOVE. June 05, 2010
To inject or shove your penis into a girl's mouth while she is cheering or talking and does not know your there.
Did you hear? Mary got taylored by Jason at the football game. It was a good Tayloring.
by GuDDaGuDDaW80 November 06, 2010
having sex with a "taylor."
Facebook status:: omg!! im having so much fun tayloring the night away at this party

see:: taylor
by Trans Vestite May 08, 2011
To have sex vigorously and indiscriminately
he was tayloring the football team
by NateLok April 20, 2011