An oiled, ken- doll like celebrity who doesnt own a shirt and cannot act.

First, he was sharkboy, and now, a werewolf.

What next? Uni- Dick? (thats unicorn dick)
Crabbe: Dude, your Jolly Rancher kinda looks like Taylor Lautner.

Goyle: Does that even make sense?
by Blajhidh;eogrTIMMY! January 27, 2011
The muscular guy from the Twilight movies. While is body is hot, his acting has no depth and seems insincere. Kind of like a 5th grader who joined a drama class, only to give it mild effort to earn extra credit. But he dose have some pretty sweet martial arts skills.
Twilight fan: I'm so in love with Taylor Lautner!

Well-educated person: Why do you love him?

Twilight fan: Because he's hot and famous!

Well-educated person: Then you're not really in love with him, you're in love with a in love with a concept, rather than an actual person. And besides, he get's his fame is from his body! He has no other talent and is highly overrated.

Twilight fan: HOW DARE YOU! (She kills her!)
by tjlala October 28, 2012
An actor who portrays Jacob Black in the movie Twilight, and is now confirmed to be Jacob in Twilight's sequel, New Moon.
Idiot-Taylor Lautner, who's that?
Me- You know...that FINE sixteen year old who turns lots of Team Edward people to be Team Jacob?
Idiot-Oh, you mean the guy that will now be playing in New Moon?
Me-Yes. Him.
by i<3alphas.:] January 07, 2009
a totally hot and gorgeous guy
he has been in a few movies
A.K.A.totally hot werewolf!!
Taylor fan #1-OMG isnt Taylor Lautner so gorgeous?

Taylor fan#2-I know!

Taylor fan#3-if i was bella/kristen i would dump the sparkly vampire dude and be with jacob!!
by RandomCoolPerson101 April 08, 2010
The beloved and gorgeous actor from Twilight, currently heard to be dating old friend Kara Hilow.
"Man, that Taylor Lautner is one lucky guy to have all the ladies all over him."
by shamuuu4evaa. March 22, 2009
A fine 19 year old who has a passion for acting and will anything for it. Many people love,many people envy him,many people make fun of him. I am a girl. Person on UB said he has a wired looking head a high voice and he is ugly but he is none of this type and is not fat and actually WAS probably the skinniest person I have ever seen. Taylor Lautner is a warmed hearted young adult and should not be made fun of.
Taylor Lautner:Hey
Me: hey
by aed4ever February 26, 2011
one of the damn, hottest, sexiest guys in the whole world! also has been an actor since he was a kid.
girl 1: omg! taylor lautner is so hot!
girl 2: yeah! he's a great actor too!
by taylorluatnerfan777 February 01, 2011
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