Taylor Lautner is a young american actor, born in 1992.
His roles include cheaper by the dozen 2, sharkboy and he will be playing the role of Jacob Black in the twilight movie, due to be released december 2008.
person 1- I liked that movie sharkboy and lava girl

person 2- yeah, taylor lautner was great in that movie
by a dude twilightfan June 18, 2008
A celebrity who all the girls obsess about. He's well known for his role in Sharkboy and Lava Girl, or -gags- Twilight. Let's face it, the only reason why everybody likes him is for his looks.His acting is okay, but look at all the definitions here. Most of them are A SEXY BEAST or a FIIINE BOY or A HOTTIE. GET THIS IN YOUR HEAD: HE DOESN'T KNOW YOU EXIST, HE ONLY CARES ABOUT YOUR ALLOWANCE MONEY THAT HE GETS WHENEVER A PURCHASE IS MADE TO THAT SAD EXCUSE FOR A MOVIE. Thumb this down, I dont give a shit. It's the truth, you gotta face it someday.

Me: What about his personality?


Me: Riight. You know he doesn't know that you exist, right?


Me: *rolls eyes*
by SimpleBrunette August 20, 2010
a hot celebrite who was in twilight as jacob Black and will be in new moon,eclispe,and breaking dawn.
wow, "taylor lautner" looks hot and spicy. RAWR!
by girl2340 July 01, 2009
A fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine seventeen year old born in 1992. He is known for his 8-pack his amazing tan.
"Look at that Taylor Lautner over there! PHEW!"
by roxie90210 January 22, 2010
An actor in Twilight that many little girls obsess over, but to the wise will always be known as Sharkboy- a kid that prances around in a spandex robot-shark suit, trying to convince himself that he is badass while he sings songs about dreams.
Poor naive child: "Ohhh that Taylor Lautner is sooo dreamy!"
Sensible and clever individual: "Sharkboy? Oh I see. You're one of them. It's okay. One day you will hopefully come to your senses."
by supernat March 29, 2010
The hottest man alive
Taylor Lautner has an awesome 8pack and dazzling smile
by Secrets Never cease February 23, 2010
Also known as one of the hottest men alive. Great abs, and an amazing actor. Hella sexy, and obviously gorgeous.

Been in Sharkboy and lava girl, Cheaper by the Dozen, Twilight, New moon and the guest celebrity on SNL.
"Hey girl, did you watch Taylor Lautner on SNL last night? Wasn't he hot?"
by Noeeel 101 February 10, 2010
the SEXIEST guy in the world

plays Jacob in the movie Twilight
taylor lautner is so hot!
by prettypreppp June 30, 2010
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