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Taylor's are sweet, funny, smart, athletic and simply amazing. They can make your day with their smile and constantly make you laugh. Taylor's are really hot with perfect bodies. You can never get bored talking to a Taylor because they always have something interesting to say and are extremely fun to be with. You cannot go wrong with dating a Taylor. They will always treat you right and be there for you through everything. If you're dating a Taylor, consider yourself one of the luckiest guys/girls around.
"OMG you're boyfriend/ girlfriend Taylor is incredible!!"
"I know, I'm so happy to be with him/her. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else in the world"
by Inloveee April 03, 2013
11 0
Taylors are excting , beautiful and love to be around people, they usually like to talk to everybody. They can get somewhat annoying if they talk way to much. Taylors are outgoing and willing to help people when they most need it. Taylors like to talk to guys but rarley falls in love with anybody. They are great to get along with and fun to be around. They are silly and love making memories with family and friends. Even though they can be a bitch sometimes , they always see the bigger picture in life and move forward.
by thousandfaces04 June 26, 2011
25 14
A beautiful blonde that guys are attracted tp, she tends to have long relationships but because she respects herself, guys tend to make the mistake of letting her go so they can get some. Doesn't use common sense as much as most people, but that comes with being blonde. She is extremely intelligent and hard working. She is the best friend a person could hope for, she kind, sweet, and will always be there for you. She needs to learn to stand up for herself because she can be too caring and afraid to hurt peoples feelings when necessary. She's extremely innocent, but that is a good thing, it's rare to find innocence in the world. She's one of a kind, you will never find anyone else like her.
She must be a Taylor
by Mark1345 October 18, 2010
27 16
Hillar. one of the guys, big boobs, brownish hair, not the brightest, but she still can get by pretty well. Popular, cool, good fashion sense, has AMAZING friends, truly pimping fresh. Mostly inner beauty, but is still alright. You you be lucky to have her as a friend, cuz she got your back.
WOAH!! You see that girl?? She is so funny, i bet she is a Taylor.
by SammieTammie March 17, 2010
36 26
A man among men, a silver fox with a heart of gold, defends my honor, shares my bed and can bench press 400lbs while rocking out to Bad Girlfriend on his ipod. Given a choice between Heaven with someone else and Hell with him, I'd take the heat with a smile on my face, as long as his hand was in mine...
Taylor, come make love to me...
by itsadirtyjobbut... February 02, 2010
45 35
She is really pretty, funny, smexy, sporty, and ultra smart. I am the luckiest person ever to be with her forever because she knows how to put a smile on my face. Sometimes she will say she is not pretty, but that isn't true. She is very pretty. She has a nice body, really cute smile, cute nose, big brown eyes. I trust her completely and keep her close to me to give her all of my love.
Taylor, you are my perfect girl.
by taylor made 4me April 03, 2013
10 1
Taylor's are usually Funny, Sarcastic, and Beautiful people. Taylor's always are there when you Need them and they make AMAZING friends. Taylor's have Beautiful hair, bodies, and personalities. Brunette Taylor's are the best. If you find a Taylor you better get her fast because she is going to be gone at any moment. If you have a Taylor hold onto her tightly and Love her because you're never going to find someone like Taylor. Taylor's have really good music taste and can hang out with both the guys and the girls. Taylor's can have really dirty minds and can make you laugh at just about everything. Taylor's are jokers but are also really good listeners they are known as the Dr.Phils in their groups of friends. Taylor's are proud to be different. Taylor's are amazing :)
Person 1: Woah Look at her!
Person 2: She Must Be A Taylor!
by Hip hoponnommyous September 23, 2012
11 2