Can be very hyper at times. Likes badminton. Can be hyper because of something that happened days ago. Insanely awsome. Loves hugs. Can sometimes of the nickname of tay or boo.
Hey taylor what going on today
by blondiemay May 02, 2011
Taylor's are sweet, funny, smart, athletic and simply amazing. They can make your day with their smile and constantly make you laugh. Taylor's are really hot with perfect bodies. You can never get bored talking to a Taylor because they always have something interesting to say and are extremely fun to be with. You cannot go wrong with dating a Taylor. They will always treat you right and be there for you through everything. If you're dating a Taylor, consider yourself one of the luckiest guys/girls around.
"OMG you're boyfriend/ girlfriend Taylor is incredible!!"
"I know, I'm so happy to be with him/her. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else in the world"
by Inloveee April 03, 2013
An extreamly Good Looking Girl! Brunette Taylor's are the best. They normally have really nice figures and beutiful eyes. She will be really outgoing. She likes to party but not to much.Most taylor's care alot about animals and the enviornment! If you get the chance to kow a taylor honor that her..cherish her! She weill be one of a kind!!!
I love Taylor!
by TAYERR<3 November 15, 2010
Taylor's are cute, funny, and smart. They love to have fun and hang out with their friends. They don't care what you think of them. A great friend. You will laugh a lot with a Taylor. She will cheer you up if you are down and do anything for her friends. They are usually good at sports. She will be competitive and aggressive. But is the dearest girl you will ever meet. You will be proud to say "She's my best friend."
That girl is Taylor.
She's cute.
Wow I wish I were her.
by Laxgirl234 April 15, 2013

An absolutely gorgeous person who is extremely caring and nice, All Taylor’s are generally hot and have an amazing figures. If you are not currently dating a Taylor you should get with one. Taylor’s are women of beauty and booty and usually a gorgeous brunette. They are all you wish you had and the best choice for a girl friend. (Unless you know a Taylor who is a man)

If you date or dated these gorgeous Taylor's you have all you'll ever need or you are mental and let the best thing you had go, without realizing it. Taylor's are the best in bed even if they appear they aren't. Taylor doesn’t try to impress anyone, and hates when people try to impress her. She is not a snob & not a jealous person. Ever mess with her; you'll have other people to deal with. She's the type of person people can trust and be very close to. She is really down to earth and generally doesn’t care what other people think she has an amazing personality.
Girl one: Did you see her?

Girl two: Yeah, that's Taylor she is so amazing.

Girl one: I would love to be her.

Guy one: She is so hot!

Guy two: I can't believe I let her go.
by jjjjjjordan July 25, 2011
A unisex name usually given to a sweet ass dude/chick that is always there for his/her friends friends. He/she, although may be lazy once and a while, still gets stuff done, even if it means putting his/her life on hold just finish what she/he promised they would do.
That person always does good for everyone, they are definitely a Taylor.
by Dr. Pepper Knows Best April 20, 2011
A Taylor is a one of a kind creature. She was brought to earth by magestical flying armadillos. She is here to share her amazingness with us and to show us that screaming down the hallway at random people is okey. A Taylor has the affinity of unicorn magicalness. Unicorn Magicalness is the power to make anyone like her. When her beauty sets upon your eyes, she cannot cease to amaze you. Her beastyness erupts from the goat living inside of her bladder. Her rumor baby is also due in a few weeks. She will be teaching it Russian so they can escape for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. If you are lucky enough to spot a Taylor, do not venture too close, she is known to bite. You have been warned.
Who's that hot piece of sexiness over there?

Oh that thang, that's a Taylor.
by SexyCatt February 18, 2011

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