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an easy girl; a slut; a raging vagina
Dude, shes such a taylor, you definately can get with her.
by some chick from lahs April 07, 2009
54 147
A woman who is lesbian or bi-sexual with large boobs and a big ass...
"i would totally have a three some with that Taylor"
by Three some lover! August 12, 2008
49 148
To go riding on a piece of cardboard with your friends
Muzzy-Wanna go tayloring?
Chingcho-Whats that?
Muzzy-Where you go riding on a piece of cardboard. duhh.
by jingjang November 14, 2007
93 195
a girl who likes to ride fat chodes all night; a whore.
My friend who is a Taylor, got called a whore in school and cried in the bathroom.
by jdiggity dawg January 25, 2009
49 152
A girl that is always tring to steal your friends, also is evil and caniving.
Taylor was so caniving whrn she asked my what I thought of Emma, when Emma was on the other line.
by Lexilou23 December 20, 2008
53 157
the act of being wipped by a girlfriend
the act of being a rich bastard
having erictile difficulties
john is taylored
john is a taylor
john has taylor
by liam neeson March 17, 2006
24 129
the act of killing fish with nail polish remover.

a heartless caveman.
"dude,she totlly pulled a taylor on my tank!"
by Hediki Tojo March 01, 2008
102 211