A girl that will open her legs for anybody. Gets pregnant at 13 and on house arrest. You have a dick? She'll open her legs for you. You don't? Doesn't matter she'll still open her legs for you. Usually fat, but guys thinks she has big " jugs". Truth is it's flab. She always wears a red sweatsuit making her look like Santa Clause after eating all the cookies.
Wow that girl's a Taylor!

Eww Cindy look at that Taylor.

Hahaha, payback Taylor.
by paybackbitches559 July 08, 2011
Someone who enjoys eating purple poisonous mushrooms
Taylor ate the purple poisonous mushroom because she thought it looked scrumptious
by Macy Greene December 13, 2010
A person with split personalities, not very attractive but there eego is out the door. Awkward body shape with nipples the size of LARGE pepperoni. Wears to much makeup that doesn't match with what they wear. LOVES attention, major attentionwhore, and will do WHATEVER it takes to be in the spotlight. Will often brag about how much money they have.. obsessed with horses, rather annoying.
Dude: Omg look horses!
Girl: Don't say that!! A wild Taylor will come out and annoy you!!

Girl: Hey! Whats your name?
Girl (2): Taylor...
Girl: EWWWW. Go away.
by BigScaryBlueCats November 02, 2011
self centred not funny bitch. big forehead and ugly hair. slut, hoe, slutty horse, annoying, fag, and so many other things. you hate this chick
person 1: you know that taylor chick ?
person 2: yeah, shes such an annoying fag.
by Sheila Dikshit July 22, 2011
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