A girl that is lifted higher then she should be. She thinks she is amazing but actually she not all that much. She makes lots of mistakes and likes to sleep around. she will say that this isnt her becasue she is in denile. She likes to mess with guys heads because it makes her feel better about herself.
by TheTruth:) August 28, 2010
Hot girl who most likely lost her virginity in middle school. Is deffinatly blow out and goes by the name, camel-toe, camel-twa, T'd up, and (g-strang)
that bitch is such a taylor look at that toe
by Injun Burning Field November 02, 2010
A sexual move in which you titty fuck while defecating (shitting).
Taylor's are the best move ever
by taylorhakhjsdfjk May 19, 2010
a whore; likes to takes her pants off at inappropriate times and places. she gives THE worst bjs. EVER. her vaj stinkss and it hairyy. she is totally SICKK.
OMG. she's such a Taylor! ewwww. get away from me.
by hosanna January 07, 2011
A person that can either be he/she because of the name.

Andrew "Hey are you bisexual"
Taylor "No why"
Andrew "Cause your name goes both ways"
by Serena Engesser December 20, 2008
To rape. As anyone with the name of Taylor is perfectly capable and most likely to do so.
People who commit Taylor, whether they have the name Taylor or not, are called Taylor-ists.
"Call the police!" "Why?" "I just got taylor'd"
by mrrubytwo April 25, 2010
a girl who will actually believe all of the other definitions of taylor on urbandictionary and wont just shut the hell up about it. hehehehe :)
Taylor: *runs around with phone showing def. of taylor*
Everyone Else: would she just shut the FK up??!!
by yeah,you know who it is, tay;) December 09, 2009

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