An amazing scene kid,
dye's his hair lots of colours,
often a sex symbol
Hot Damn,
That Taylor is so fly
by Native Skank October 24, 2008
a "Taylor" someone is to lay them on a feather bed...surround them with a trough full of excrement, and masturbate on their face.
I Taylored his mom last night.
by LawyerDrew June 07, 2006
A girl who is a dyke
dude did you see that taylor? what a dyke
by Hubbabubba45 March 13, 2010
a cunt
my sister taylor is a cunt
by BD0018 February 24, 2010

you are what you eat.
taylor is a crack whore.
well you are what u eat
by nadau August 29, 2009
A stinky town in Northern British Columbia. Usually engulfed in a fog of stench. If Taylor calls you, it wants its stench back.
Also a location where people only live in Trailers, drink stale beer, pee on their front lawns and pick their noses for fun.
The local restaurant is famous for its booger sandwich.
You need to spray febreeze since you've been in Taylor.
by Rallis February 28, 2009
Taylor's are beautiful girls that are kinda slutty at timesThey always want to have fun and party. Drinking and getting high are their favorite things to do. Blonde Taylor's always wants to give oral sex, and brunette Taylor's always love good ear sex (don't know what that is?, you should try it)!!!
John: Did you just get fucked in the ear & have oral sex?
Glenn: Yeah, by Taylor & Taylor ! :D
by Katie Brower July 26, 2009

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