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blonde taylors are sweet and have the nicest smell, while black or brown haired taylors are trampy cheerleaders who talk about people:( and mean and not nice
boy: shes soo taylor

girl: ikr! shes such a hoe!
by girlygirlvampie February 12, 2010
17 68
A college located in the middle of a cornfield. Christian university; has seven dorms, including the unfortunately named Wengatz (WANG-itz).

Student activities:
•Walking to Handy Andy's (a local gas station)
•Hating on the rival dorm (these activities occasionally involve dead animals)
•DTR talks (DTR stands Define The Relationship)
•Going for Bosco sticks
•Not dancing, as per the Life Together Covenant
"Sheesh, I can't believe there's nothing to do...what I wouldn't give for a big city right now!"
"Well, that's what you get for going to Taylor."
by jlynnr March 03, 2009
13 64
The act of pwning; usually directed to a n00b or a 133tard.
"Did you just see that move?!"
"Yeah man, you totally Taylored that n00b!"

"I totally Taylor at cod4."
by binomialnomentaylor August 29, 2008
41 93
An amazing scene kid,
dye's his hair lots of colours,
often a sex symbol
Hot Damn,
That Taylor is so fly
by Native Skank October 24, 2008
23 76
a "Taylor" someone is to lay them on a feather bed...surround them with a trough full of excrement, and masturbate on their face.
I Taylored his mom last night.
by LawyerDrew June 07, 2006
973 1027
A girl who is a dyke
dude did you see that taylor? what a dyke
by Hubbabubba45 March 13, 2010
17 72
a cunt
my sister taylor is a cunt
by BD0018 February 24, 2010
21 77