Tayor is a butt, but is very gorgeous and has a mean lean body,has dark hair and a nice booty, she likes to make out 24/7 and loves Mexicans. Usually dates Stevens. She sucks at sports but is very intelligent and eats a lot. Will steal to get what she wants.
Damn, that girl is sucha Taylor .
by Rick James yo momma April 10, 2013
A queer girl who has no life and no friends and sits at home alone all day thinking about what to do with her life.
You're queer as a Taylor
by cottonboy January 12, 2012
A Taylor is usually not very pretty. She is most likely into herself. She has a really good boyfriend but she is not as beautiful as people think she is. And they are not good together. She likes to be with family but talks behind peoples backs. No one will ever like her for that. She thinks shes cool and popular when she does it, but she hurts people and when she grows up, will have no friends. Most people hate her and have no clue how she even has friends. She needs to change her attitude and be nicer to the people around her. A lot of her friends are prettier then she is. She does not have a nice figure, her body is odd shaped. Her boyfriend is good looking but way out of her league. Sorry to diss on Taylors. Some can be pretty, but most are stuck up.
Wow, i hate Taylor!

She has no friends...
by NotAFanOfYou December 07, 2011
A complete and utter queer. Always touching buttholes and penises on a daily basis. Only talks to men and Nancy Polosy. Loves facetime with men.
Guy: That guy just touched my penis!
Friend: Relax, he's a Taylor.
by Thor the Great November 26, 2011
a short girl who likes have buttsecks.
Guy 1: I fucked some girl in the ass on the weekend
Guy 2: Was her name Taylor?
Guy 1: Why yes, how did you know?
Guy 2: She loves her buttsecks
by The BER December 06, 2010
1. a very snarky person
2. a complete chach
3. she will eat your first born child
"dont get snarky with me, taylor"
"omg, taylor just ate my first born child!"
"taylor s is super fly"
by bvadal September 29, 2009
Taylor is a mean honey badger who acts like a total dick. He is an asshole and a total man whore but thinks he's so hilarious anyways. But it's ok cause he kinda is and very often told he is hated.
I hate that Taylor!
by Gh131997 October 19, 2012
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