the best girl ever. the best taylor's live in minnesota. and have brown hair. and brownish eyes. ones with the middle name lynn are the best too. just because.
she must be at taylor.
by not a taylor of course. June 15, 2010
A term often used to describe a rather bitchy character. Generally annoying to most of their peers. They tend to tell ridiculous lies to seem rich and popular. They tend to be on the chubby side. If you ever meet one, RUN!
"OMG I hate that girl!".

"Me too! It's probably a Taylor"
by Memeneme November 22, 2011
Another word for liar.
"wow she lies all the time!". "she must be a Taylor!"
by Memeneme November 22, 2011
noun: a really embarassing fail
verb: to fail epicly
Noun: Damn what a taylor, I can't belive how embarassing that was.

Verb: Dude becareful not to Taylor when we have our game.
by DomoGumby567 December 13, 2010
A person with split personalities, not very attractive but there eego is out the door. Awkward body shape with nipples the size of LARGE pepperoni. Wears to much makeup that doesn't match with what they wear. LOVES attention, major attentionwhore, and will do WHATEVER it takes to be in the spotlight. Will often brag about how much money they have.. obsessed with horses, rather annoying.
Dude: Omg look horses!
Girl: Don't say that!! A wild Taylor will come out and annoy you!!

Girl: Hey! Whats your name?
Girl (2): Taylor...
Girl: EWWWW. Go away.
by BigScaryBlueCats November 02, 2011
a nasty whore who cheats on her boyfriend and masturbates with carrots
oh did you see taylor?

yeah bro, she cheated on me..

yeah man i bet she left you for her fucking carrot!
by hundsiuhduehwduwharrypotterhoe October 17, 2011
Someone who enjoys eating purple poisonous mushrooms
Taylor ate the purple poisonous mushroom because she thought it looked scrumptious
by Macy Greene December 13, 2010

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