typically a down to earth super hot naturally blonde cheerleader. loves dying her hair in more colors than one. has super amazing verbal skills with boys. super amazingly nice and makes funny adorable faces. typically sleeps 30 hours a day. a bottomless pit for a stomach. can be a total firecracker when you meet her and is super fun to be around. an absolutely wonderful girlfriend. doesn't like being single though for more than 6 months. loves peanut butter on toast and pringles, but hates mayonnaise and hamburgers. most commonly an amazing best friend
Guy1- dude who is that cute girl over there she looks so fun to be around?

Guy2- i don't know but she looks like a Taylor
by PowerPuff4ever June 19, 2011
a short girl who likes have buttsecks.
Guy 1: I fucked some girl in the ass on the weekend
Guy 2: Was her name Taylor?
Guy 1: Why yes, how did you know?
Guy 2: She loves her buttsecks
by The BER December 06, 2010
An amazing black girl whose cool as ever,havin glasses makes the better.Usally pretty.ALL taylors are pretty! Its a,azing to have them in your life.Don't lose the or take advantage.Sweet girls
Taylor's everywhere
by trey shoemaker November 03, 2010
Taylor is a mean honey badger who acts like a total dick. He is an asshole and a total man whore but thinks he's so hilarious anyways. But it's ok cause he kinda is and very often told he is hated.
I hate that Taylor!
by Gh131997 October 19, 2012
A queer girl who has no life and no friends and sits at home alone all day thinking about what to do with her life.
You're queer as a Taylor
by cottonboy January 12, 2012
1. (verb) To ditch one's friends completely for a member of the opposite sex; especially a boyfriend/girlfriend, or soon to be boyfriend/girlfriend.

2. (noun) One who has ditched his/her friends completely for a boyfriend/girlfriend.
1. We have not seen her since she got a new boyfriend two months ago and she effectively taylored herself.

2. He is a taylor because he feels the need to hang our with his ugly girlfriend all weekend.
by eskimogirlie September 19, 2010
1. a very snarky person
2. a complete chach
3. she will eat your first born child
"dont get snarky with me, taylor"
"omg, taylor just ate my first born child!"
"taylor s is super fly"
by bvadal September 29, 2009

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