A crazy redhead girl who is beautiful smart funny... just overall awesome.
Dude shes has to be a taylor!
by smileyfacegirl103 May 09, 2010
a girl who nobody liked before she got boobs and contacts. she was nerd who later bloomed into a heartbreaker. she is modest because she was used to the teasing when she was younger. she loves nature and the occasional sport. she thinks every boy is a jerk and wonders if true love still exists. she has a bit of a temper and wears her emotions on her sleeve. she doesnt want a boyfriend, but she wants to be loved by a boy other than her father.
boy who broke her heart:Woah, Taylor?
taylor: maybe.
boy who broke her heart: wow. you wanna go get some pizza?
taylor: skrew you asshole.
by boy who broke her heart March 08, 2009
Tayor is a butt, but is very gorgeous and has a mean lean body,has dark hair and a nice booty, she likes to make out 24/7 and loves Mexicans. Usually dates Stevens. She sucks at sports but is very intelligent and eats a lot. Will steal to get what she wants.
Damn, that girl is sucha Taylor .
by Rick James yo momma April 10, 2013
Taylor is a mean honey badger who acts like a total dick. He is an asshole and a total man whore but thinks he's so hilarious anyways. But it's ok cause he kinda is and very often told he is hated.
I hate that Taylor!
by Gh131997 October 19, 2012
Slutty, back-stabbing woman. She will lead you on and steal your boyfriend. She is not a person you should trust. She is not very cute, but her legs spread far. Loves to cause drama, and will do anything to keep the drama going. She is very fake.
Did you hear that Cheyenne was Tayloring around at Stephanie's party? She hooked up with like 7 guys.
by Danika. January 22, 2012
A queer girl who has no life and no friends and sits at home alone all day thinking about what to do with her life.
You're queer as a Taylor
by cottonboy January 12, 2012
the best girl ever. the best taylor's live in minnesota. and have brown hair. and brownish eyes. ones with the middle name lynn are the best too. just because.
she must be at taylor.
by not a taylor of course. June 15, 2010

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