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The world's Biggest scumbag going like seriously he is scum
Hey Taylor what are you doing ? Not alot just smoking cones and being a scumbag
by Dr harold bluntsworth August 19, 2011
A very stupid Bitch. Never shuts the fuck up. Shit color brown hair and ugly as fuck. Avoid her at all cost or your life will get sucked up by her overused vagina. Very short and looks like a retarded midget. Most likely never will have friends. If you are friends with her just run away before she takes all of your shit. She is very clingy when you talk to her because she will most likely never have any friends and she knows this. She is a bitch, cunt, whore, slut, dyke, and most likely extremely obese.
Jackie: I can't stand that fucking taylor!
Miley: Yeah seriously she's such a bitch!
Cole: I'm probably going to kill that whore.
by monsterfuckahyeah August 05, 2011
someone with fluffy hair.
a fluffy head.
"omg, that girls hair is so fluffy ! she is such a taylor"
by hbninja March 26, 2010
Biggest ass-hat on the face of the planet earth. You've probably heard of him because your sister, aunt, cousin, sometimes mom, or even dog has slept with him at one point in time and because your brother or dad wants to beat the living shit out of him. He also carries a large herpes like sore on his bottom lip. He likes to think that because he's 6' tall he's intimidating but really still sleeps with a teddy bear and night light so don't be afraid he won't do anything.
Damn, I'd hate to be Taylor.
by todesdc. June 15, 2011
A girl that is lifted higher then she should be. She thinks she is amazing but actually she not all that much. She makes lots of mistakes and likes to sleep around. she will say that this isnt her becasue she is in denile. She likes to mess with guys heads because it makes her feel better about herself.
by TheTruth:) August 28, 2010
Hot girl who most likely lost her virginity in middle school. Is deffinatly blow out and goes by the name, camel-toe, camel-twa, T'd up, and (g-strang)
that bitch is such a taylor look at that toe
by Injun Burning Field November 02, 2010
A sexual move in which you titty fuck while defecating (shitting).
Taylor's are the best move ever
by taylorhakhjsdfjk May 19, 2010