a girl who nobody liked before she got boobs and contacts. she was nerd who later bloomed into a heartbreaker. she is modest because she was used to the teasing when she was younger. she loves nature and the occasional sport. she thinks every boy is a jerk and wonders if true love still exists. she has a bit of a temper and wears her emotions on her sleeve. she doesnt want a boyfriend, but she wants to be loved by a boy other than her father.
boy who broke her heart:Woah, Taylor?
taylor: maybe.
boy who broke her heart: wow. you wanna go get some pizza?
taylor: skrew you asshole.
#taylor #pretty #nature #charming #love #funny
by boy who broke her heart March 08, 2009
Pee in da butthole ;-)

She is often flexable and enjoys anal. If you are unfortunate enough to have sexual relations, feel free to relieve yourself, she will not care.
Guy 1: Man, you know that Taylor girl?
Guy 2: Hell yeah, fucked her last night!
Guy 1: Did you get the chance to piss in her ass?!
Guy 2: Awh yeah man, I was so relieved.
#men's urinal #taylor #piss in the ass #pretzel #the back door urinal
by J.P. Jones June 21, 2013
The devil. Definetly a name associated with alot of drama. Jealous bitch who cant get over herself. Owes alot of peope money. Takes naked pictures of her nasty body.
DAMN, did you see Taylor today? That bitchhhh nastttttty!

All I gotta say is FOUR FINGERS...like this.
#swamp devil #bitch #hoe #jealous bitch #rocky
by That bihhhhhhhhhh. January 04, 2012
A Taylor is usually not very pretty. She is most likely into herself. She has a really good boyfriend but she is not as beautiful as people think she is. And they are not good together. She likes to be with family but talks behind peoples backs. No one will ever like her for that. She thinks shes cool and popular when she does it, but she hurts people and when she grows up, will have no friends. Most people hate her and have no clue how she even has friends. She needs to change her attitude and be nicer to the people around her. A lot of her friends are prettier then she is. She does not have a nice figure, her body is odd shaped. Her boyfriend is good looking but way out of her league. Sorry to diss on Taylors. Some can be pretty, but most are stuck up.
Wow, i hate Taylor!

She has no friends...
#not #pretty #boyfriend #backs #popular
by NotAFanOfYou December 07, 2011
A complete and utter queer. Always touching buttholes and penises on a daily basis. Only talks to men and Nancy Polosy. Loves facetime with men.
Guy: That guy just touched my penis!
Friend: Relax, he's a Taylor.
#buttholes #nancy polosy #facetime #queer #men
by Thor the Great November 26, 2011
The name of a rather bitchy character. She is very mean especially towards people she feels she is better than. You should hate her in every way you can. She is rather mouse looking. She enjoys telling people she doesn't eat, but every time she gets the chance she pigs out What a fat ass.
Is that a mouse?! Oh wait, that's a Taylor.
#tay #tatertot #mamarat #tatertot salad #garbge gut
by Idontreallyevebflippenknow November 22, 2011
biggest buttface ever. bag of fagness
Like to eat babies why they shower in their socks
Taylor likes to poop skittles
#buttface #naked #fag #babies #wrinkly tits
by hahapoothaha October 10, 2011
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