Taylor is a guy who every guy wishes to be. Someone who is trustworthy and can be trusted with anything and everything. Taylor's are usually very attractive with gorgeous eyes. Taylor's are very lovable and are very caring about the person they love most. They are very chill and super fun to be around. Taylor's can always come up wit inside jokes and sarcastic sayings. They are very special and most people get attached to Taylor's.
I hung out with Taylor, he's so chill .

Taylor has gorgeous eyes .

Taylor came up with an awesome handshake
by Jakebird October 15, 2012
A hot girl who is very pretty has cool hair and a cute butt.
That girl taylor is hot!
by Nobody2202 August 24, 2012
A beautiful girl in every way. Taylors are as genuine as it gets and would do anything for their friends. Theres no one kinder than a Taylor. Taylors are not judgemental to any one no matter how deserving they are. A Taylor will be there for you to spill your feelings but she will always keep her feelings inside. No one can dislike a Taylor, and if they do it will be the last things that they do.
Joe: Wow, I've never seen anyone as beautiful in every way as that girl!
Trish: She must be a Taylor, I can't even dislike her!
by boopshaboopboop December 28, 2011
Taylor's are very outgoing and nice! Yet can be some of the most competitive people! They are always there for you, even if you weren't there to catch her when she fell. She is usually just a friend to most guys she likes, but some day she will meet an amazing guy! She doesn't like to be brought into drama, and she almost always is! She doesn't trust many people, so if she tells you something secret, DON'T GO BLABBING IT! A Taylor would never blab something you tell her. Red Head Taylor's ("Gingers") are some of the most unique, but all Taylor's are cool :)
by gingersruleandsodoesGod August 19, 2011
The best out of the best Taylors are blonde hair blue eyes
Fun loving great dancer & dont care about what people think say and do because people besides her is stupid .
When people think of Taylor they think"heey dhes one hell of a girl" loves that dro & also liikes guys that are tall and tanwith dark hair and brown eyes.
WOAH look at that Taylor
Daaayum shes fucking sexy type of Taylor
Bang the shit out of her taylor
by Barbiegirl1551 August 14, 2011
A Taylor is someone of great awesomeness, very random, beautiful, and one of a kind. Although there is one Taylor that will always out shine the rest. She always makes her man smile no mater what.
Boy Friend : So what you doing today?
Taylor : Talking to the most wonderful guy in the world.
Boy Friend : Ohh really who would that be ?
Taylor : You baby :)
Boy Friend : Awww *blushes and hides face*
by taylorsman420 July 24, 2011
Taylor is ancient Gibberish for "sexy, amazing Goddess of kissing". The Taylors of the world are fun, lighthearted people who are funny and see the good in everything. They also have a tendency to attract gingers.... In any case, they are the best females on planet Earth, and deserve to be treated as such.
Dude, look at that Taylor over there!
That's my girlfriend.
You're dating a Taylor?! Whoa...
by superkla;sdflkjas;l July 06, 2011

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