HIIIIDDDEEEOUUUSS IDDDIIIOOTTIC actor with a completely deformed head and a high, nasally voice. THE. UGLIEST. PERSON. YOU. WILL. EVER. SEE.
Person 1: "What's that fat thing walking over there with the gay voice who doesn't own a shirt?"

Person 2: "Oh, that's Taylor Lautner."
by obamasucks18 November 12, 2010
Everyone says he's so fuckin sexy. I dont really agree with them!!!
"Taylor Lautner is SOOOOOOO hot!"
umm...no not really
by QuinnGleeLover June 17, 2010
taylor lautner is probably the most annoying young adult i have ever heard of. okay, hes got muscles, but HAVE YOU SEEN HIS NOSE. :| it is the most ugly and fat nose on this planet. google it, taylor lautners face... then zoom in. it gives poeple nightmares.
meanwhile, robert pattinson is sitting in the corner drinking a starbucks mocha frappucino while he daydreams about taylor's terrifying nozzle. taylor doesnt realise this, and so continues to dream about himself and how to style his mascara for breaking dawn part 1. its true.
girl who has never seen taylor lautners nose- AHMYGAD. taylor lautner is just the sexiest thing on this planet. i mean, his face is just perfect, innit?!

me- eh no. *googles taylor lautners face* BOOM, its like death.

girl- AMFG that is just horrible. thats it hes lost me as a fan, that means he only has 500,342 left. yeah, google told me that. omg i have to tell everyone! ROBERT PATTINSON FTW. ;D


by ew.checksyaface June 21, 2010
some twilight fag who died snorting coke from a stripper's ass or some shit. wtf?
taylor lautner is a faggot.
by tk_421 January 10, 2010
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