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taylor lautner is probably the most annoying young adult i have ever heard of. okay, hes got muscles, but HAVE YOU SEEN HIS NOSE. :| it is the most ugly and fat nose on this planet. google it, taylor lautners face... then zoom in. it gives poeple nightmares.
meanwhile, robert pattinson is sitting in the corner drinking a starbucks mocha frappucino while he daydreams about taylor's terrifying nozzle. taylor doesnt realise this, and so continues to dream about himself and how to style his mascara for breaking dawn part 1. its true.
girl who has never seen taylor lautners nose- AHMYGAD. taylor lautner is just the sexiest thing on this planet. i mean, his face is just perfect, innit?!

me- eh no. *googles taylor lautners face* BOOM, its like death.

girl- AMFG that is just horrible. thats it hes lost me as a fan, that means he only has 500,342 left. yeah, google told me that. omg i have to tell everyone! ROBERT PATTINSON FTW. ;D


by ew.checksyaface June 21, 2010
The sexiest of the sexy and should be recognized for that.

He has an amazing smile and an even better body. Especially his new 30 pounds of extra hotness...

Personally, I think that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can go make crack babies together because Taylor is the only attractive one in that little group.

Don't get me wrong some of the other actors/actresses are attractive but no one is obsessing over them.

I have one note to add about Kristen Stewart. Okay first of all you need to do something about that man voice of yours and stop blinking every two seconds.

And second take some acting classes...

P.S. you ain't all that!
Example 1

Child of the future: "mommy who's that weird looking man on 'Where are They Now'?''

Mom: "Honey, HER name is Kristen Stewart!''

Example 2

T.V. Host: "Welcome back to 40 hottest men from the 21st century."

"And the number one spot is.....Taylor Lautner!!!"
by Berly123 June 25, 2009
Taylor Lautner is a young american actor, born in 1992.
His roles include cheaper by the dozen 2, sharkboy and he will be playing the role of Jacob Black in the twilight movie, due to be released december 2008.
person 1- I liked that movie sharkboy and lava girl

person 2- yeah, taylor lautner was great in that movie
by a dude twilightfan June 18, 2008
Plays Jacob Black in the movie "Twilight." As of December 2008, they are considering replacing him in "New Moon."
He is an amazing actor and very hot!
Taylor Lautner is a sexy beast. He is such a good Jacob Black.
by TaylorLautnerISJacobBlack January 02, 2009
Taylor Lautner is such a talented guy from acting to martial arts. Taylor was born on February 11, 1992. Taylor is a martial artist who began acting in 2001. His best known performances were as Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. He is going to be in the upcoming film Twilight as the best character Jacob Black ;) which is going to be an amazing movie!

Taylor loves to play football and baseball in his free time and is also a “LA Hip Kids”, a hip hop dance group, and “Hot Shots”, a jazz group. He loves to act, but also hoes to become a film scriptwriter and a director.

Taylor seems like the sweetest guy ever and is so talented in many ways. He is such an amazing actor and is beyond beautiful.

"Taylor Lautner is the most amazing actor"

"Taylor Lautner is going to be an AMAZING Jacob Black in the upcoming film twilight"
by Kaitlyn Swing (: September 10, 2008
The sexiest 16 year old I have ever laid eyes on. Born on February 11th, 1992 as Taylor Daniel Lautner in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Taylor has been in moves such as: Twilight, New Moon (November 2009), He's a Bully Charlie Brown, Cheaper By the Dozen 2, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, Shadow Fury. Taylor has also been on TV shows such as: My Own Worst Enemy, Love Inc., Danny Phantom, Duck Dodgers, What's New, Scooby Doo?, My Wife and Kids, The Bernie Mac Show, and Summerland.

P.S.- Me and Taylor Lautner are getting married. :D Sorry girls. :]
Dumb ass person- "Who's that?"

Me- "Oh that's just my fiance, Taylor Lautner."
by Mrs. Jacob Black April 01, 2009
Cutest guy in the world. And by cute, I mean cute-cute, not hot-cute, even though he is, sort of. Taylor is also what many consider to be a future Disney representative, as he is constantly smiley and should have his own TV show just for that. He'd dazzle little girls all over the world. Known best for being Jacob Black in New Moon, he looks a million times better without the wig.
TwiFan1: OhMiGawd, isn't that Taylor Lautner, aka, Jacob Black??
TwiFan2:OMT! It is!
Taylor: *smiles*
TwiFan1: He's so CUTE!
by SlashWraith March 15, 2009
A vary sexy actor who has nice abs and big muscles!!! most girls are in love with him!!!!
I wish i had abs like taylor lautner.
by lolsmilelol July 08, 2009