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Pretty cool. Those who know her, wish they had her life. Loves Jesus, isn't afraid to say it. Loves friends, and has lots of them. Always tries to make the situation better. Everyone thinks she's adorable.
I wish she was more Tayah.
by shawtay97 November 11, 2010
Tayahs are amazing strong girls with a fun personalites people love them they are so beautiful everyone wants their life They have many friends Tayah's also have a very fun loving crazy girly personality if you get a hold of one keep her she is special
Tayah is so funny I love her so much
by Girl in a huge world March 16, 2013
she is a dumb stupid whore that just runs her mouth,all she does is suck dick and doesnt have any actual time for talking.she is the ugliest person alive.she basicly drowns herself in makeup but maybe sometime she actualy should,it would do the world a huge favor:*
tammy:hey did you see tayah the other day?

larry: yah her vagina was hanging out of her pantleg
by morgan churchill August 04, 2013
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