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Kind of like texting, you know, with your phone; taxting is the text conversations I usually have with girls where it is very 'taxing' for them to respond to me.

Taxting occours most often between two people who are very busy, and have trouble paying attention to their phones.

Taxting can also occur on one side of the conversation, where one person is busy and the other one isn't.
Thought: "I'm so busy, I'm sick of taxting back Jonathan..."
by Paulexander November 18, 2010
Taxting is when you act in your texts
a step up from just kidding or jk
person 1: I freakin hate you and i never wanna see you again!!!
Person 2: Dude you're a terrible taxter
Person 1: how did you know i was Taxting??
by Skyler Spendlove January 11, 2009
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