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A term for a girl that fucks everyone with no discrimination. This espically appilys when they girl goes out with a good looking guy and he is then followed by one or more really fucking ugly guy.
Dude, that chick is such a taxi!
by lonestar June 03, 2004
Describing a situation or feeling of comfort, excitement, and superiority.

Expressing general approval, esp. in relation to cosmopolitan lifestyles.
"I can't believe i found 50 euros in a lost-and-found office, that was taxi, yo"

"Fantastic restaurant, everything was taxi, the food, the service... Bit pricey tho."

"Whata gwan?" "Taxi, blad, no licky licky."
by robinood January 10, 2006
The meaning of taxi is a person you meet while out on the town that you only sleep with because you need a ride home.
Mark: Hey don't sleep with her. She's nasty

Chris: No man that bitch is taxi.
by Chris 10516 November 16, 2006
best fucking film eva!!!!
sorry i was so slow last time, i had the handbrake on
by lewis July 19, 2004
heaven or hell, depends on the woman
She sent me home last night, utter taxi

Got shouted for a lift last night, taxi taxi taxi!
by Santa July 02, 2004
Taxi is one of the many euphemisms for penis.
He was parking the pink taxi in the fuzzy garage with Lola last night...
by cabbie March 09, 2004