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heaven or hell, depends on the woman
She sent me home last night, utter taxi

Got shouted for a lift last night, taxi taxi taxi!
by Santa July 02, 2004
3 15
Tripping over or dropping stuff or both together. Has origins from being too drunk to drive, i.e. requiring a taxi.
*Walking down stairs carrying books, falls over* exclaims, "TAXI"
by S Sanger October 12, 2005
118 35
1. (In Pakistan) Prostitute
2. (In Pakistan) A woman of bad character or famous for having questionable relations with many men. An adulterous woman.
(Originated from the reference to real taxi cabs which always have different riders everyday.)
I don't like that woman. She's a taxi.
by Haider April 30, 2008
88 37
A game played when toking whereby each person has to take a toke and then hold their breath until the joint gets back to them.
That PPG fucked me up man, let's taxi the rest of that joint
by Aidan Brooks May 31, 2005
98 51
The guy who people use to give them rides. Someone who is a taxi is usually a male who is being used by a girl (but occasionally a guy), and has no balls to say "Am I ever going to get ass, cash, or grass for this?", which leaves him to linger with the thought that one day he just might, allowing girls everywhere to take advantage.
Jamie: "hey ashley, lets call up our taxi to take us to that party full of cute guys"

Ashley:"Yeah, just make sure we sweet talk him, so he thinks that he's gonna get something out of it haha"
by thedudemustabide November 20, 2009
37 10
is a cab in English.
i used a taxi to get to Tcherepnine's house.

i need a taxi to get home because im a piss head.
by Mike22 February 09, 2007
41 26
When you do something so embarrassing that you'd love to leave the conversation/situation sharpish!
Girl: "Did you sleep with that minger last night?"
Boy: "Taxi!"
by Kanyelover May 17, 2008
19 7
1) A response to when someone has performed a joke that makes the room quiet, or that kills the atmosphere. Or if they say something totally uncool.

2) A public car
Jim: hey guys, do you wanna come out and plat tic tac toe?

Moment of silence....

Chris: TAXI!
by Kraill June 01, 2004
12 6