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another word for porking
hey man, i am going to tax you girl
by wade October 27, 2004
7 13
To purposely hinder someone or something in a demeaning, hurtful, or degrading manner.
I was just about to get in that chicks pants when that fucking metrosexual faggit stepped in and taxed my gig.
by Captain Cock February 11, 2004
11 18
Taxes, the ethereal costs of a good, in this example describe the natural annoyances involved when attempting to have hook up with/get with/fuck/merc/taste the pink/sink a brown a girl/guy. Taxes, as always, are negative and show one's dislike of the molestation involved.
"Chantel is mad fly son! but her bro is a tank; no way I'm paying that tax"

"I'd pay taxes for that ass, no doubt no question! Yo mami"
by Dustin Hoffman, July 25, 2009
2 11
To take something of value from someone because they owe you money, most likely because you fronted them a bag of shit and they have been dodging you for payment. In most situations possessions are taken through force and violence.
dopefiend 1: I saw (insert name here) at the casinos, they owe me money, let's go to there house and tax their ass.
by brandon's wife May 21, 2004
8 18
To make fun of somebody
Ay, why you taxin him dog?
by John May 29, 2004
5 17
Gordon the taxman
by oracle March 12, 2004
6 18
verb) to shoot a gun at something or someone
Gangster 1) "Did you take care of the problem?"
Gangster 2) "Yeah, I taxed those narcs."
Also as in, "Tax the church."
by Robert J. Blevins August 30, 2006
3 18