to use excessively
"I could tax that fine ass for days."
by Silent Ninja c1998 July 15, 2003
An amout of money given to the goverment. Something we all love to hate, but sometimes fail to realize that it is always put to good use. Shelters the homeless, used to make properly paved roads, allows those without deep pockets to obtain free medical care, ect. Taxes are one of life's little reminders that we are not alone in this life; we have an obligation to those less fourtunate. We are all connected.
Heartless minion: "Taxes are gay. I don't deserve to be forced to give two percent of my grocery bills to those who don't have diddly-shit."
by Bulletproof Marshmallow October 26, 2003
What most of you don't pay if you got kids or don't work.
"Look!! President Bush gave us all this money back,even after we got back more than we put in."
Its called welfare people.
by your welcome September 03, 2003
To have sex or to pursue sexual actions with someone. Can also include oral or any form of sex.
Friend 1: Dude that chick is so fucking hot!
Friend 2: I know you should tax!
by Los alamitos March 31, 2015
fees that come once a month or are stacked onto purchaces. they are a government's way of saying "you dont own anything, not even your own life". used to dump vast amounts of cash into the upper class' pockets.
IRS agent: please deposit the money you didnt earn with the life you do not own for this ridiculous tax we made up 5 minutes ago.
by Dr. Lucifer Satan March 14, 2009
What dumb right wing fucks seem to think you can run a country without. Dishonist Governmants like to appease dumb rightwing fucks by saying they'll lower taxes and STILL bring good services. THIS IS AGAINST THE BASIC LAWS OF MATHS.

There are two places for money.
a)In rich people's wallets and
b)in poor people's wallets or the governmants money for services etc.

b) needs it a) doesn't
so where should it be? ITS NOT A HARD QUESTION!
but would you believe it some people are still stupid enough to answer b) and unfortunately they are in power.

And no, dumb rightwing fucks you shouldn't keep it because you "earnt it" because cleaners work just as hard as you for a millionth of the wage and the chances are that in your society especially your only in your position and cleaners in their's because of WHO MUMMY AND DADDY WAS!!!

SO stop being greedy and start accepting that tax is essential and the rich need to pay A LOT if we're ever going to have FAIRNESS.
Politician: Our Governmant will lower taxes AND increase spending
Three year old: Mummy, You know you said I couldn't have my cake and eat it? well mr Scary Politician thinks you can. Is he stupid mummy?
by Geoooooooo March 26, 2005
to be sexed up, have sex
Related words: Tax Queen, Tax King, Taxilicious, Tax Factor, Taxinator, Tax Hole
Let's Tax! You look Taxilicious tonight!
by christine February 09, 2004

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