- aa Loving girl , always laughing , skinny as can be . & very beautiful !

Most Guys fall for , her because of her personality , style & her loving heart .

She treats people how she wants too be treated & Always Speaks her mind .

She often talks too alot of boys although she isn't a whore she expands her options .

she is wild , & caring . . . & you will always have fun with her .
that girl tavon is beautiful
by a girl name tavon ( : November 24, 2011
Top Definition
a sexy,attractive,smart,strong male with a very large penis and usually a widows peak. His personality is loving and playful.He may be a strong relationship holder.
Alexa:Yo,gurl u see dat fine boy witda peak and big...
Raina:stop girl let's call him a Tavon.
by Yong Werty February 06, 2009
A total dickface
Girl: tavon is a totaldickface
Other girl: yeah
by Blahblahblahidek June 06, 2015
a major assfuck who has a small cock. he likes to have parties with other girls, while he has a girlfriend, :) PLAYA.
ugly tavon
by anonoooommyyouuusssss June 26, 2011

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