A jealous, ratty, insecure, and unreasoningly hateful hollow person.
Man, gotta feel sorry for that Tavi.
by Tavi's proclaimed enemy July 31, 2003
Top Definition
A name that quite often causes confusion for stupid people.
A person called Tavis. 'Hello my name is Tavis.'
A stupid person. 'Nice to meet you Travis.'
A person called Tavis. 'No. My name is Tavis!'
A stupid person. 'Oh, right. Sorry. Hello Thomas!'
#name #names #stupid #travis #thomas
by Tavis_orig October 03, 2006
A name to be fucked up by all (100% guaranteed)

a P.I.M.P. (usually true)

almost always a sweet wrestler (some exceptions apply)

a chick magnet, loved by all females (you know it)
boy - "yo that Tavis is soooooo cool"

girl - "tavis is soooo cute"
#tavis #sick ass mofo #pimp #heartbreaker #sweet #cool
by Tavis' secret admirer September 17, 2007
Slang for "I'm Not Tava Smiley's father." Typically used by erudite activist interviewers.
Abbott: "Hey, are you Tava Smiley's father?"
Tavis Smiley: "No, I'm Tavis Smiley. May father is Tavis Smiley's father."
Costello: "You're Tava Smiley?"
Tavis Smiley: "Tavis."

#tavis #tava #smiley #abbott #costello
by Hans Castorp December 09, 2007
the thing you shavis
I'm gonna lick your tavis
#lick #shave #rhymes #awesome #down there
by ronaldmcdonald May 18, 2008
A common name short for Octavia
her name is Octavia but everyone calls her Tavi
#octavia #nickname #shortened #names #cute
by lemonbanana June 29, 2010
A person who slightly lags behind when walking with a group.
"wait for me! I'm a tavi!"
#lag #walk #slowly #molasses #hurry
by rikitiki June 29, 2010
One who expresses all qualities of dorkiness, combined with a severely limited social IQ.
OMG, you are SUCH a tavi! Get the hell away from me!
by Your Mom February 05, 2003
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