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A big-ass loser who thinks he's cool cuz he has a a mini 'fro and has a girlfriend!! And thinks he's a P.I.M.P.!!!
Look that loser looks like Tavares!!!
by warren knapp September 04, 2004
A person that works his ass off everday to provide a good life for his loved ones. A person (Man) that has a big heart. Very amazing and awsome person Man & BFF.
That person is so Tavares, He treats me like a Tavares.
by Miny Mice October 22, 2008
one whom enjoys kissing boys after they have spewed
oh my god, i was such a tavare... i could taste the chunks and everything
by bellisgod July 31, 2006
a natural born asshole; someone who's really gifted in making himself look like an ass; a person who's self image is higly overrated
"Man, stop actin' a foo', you makin' a Tavares out of yaself."
by Lita March 20, 2004