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A adjective to describe one of many things:

1) A decent looking chick with thunderous thighs and a big ass.

2) A chick that is so fake, she doesn't even know what's what.

3) A chick who's name and reputation alone is know throughout a whole college campus.
Dude A: "He man, check out that chick"
Dude B: "Relax bro, she is so Tatum."

Stud A: "I'm going to bang that chick"
Stud B: "No man, haven't you heard she's a Tatum.
by GoldenEagle9871 October 12, 2011
Tata means sister in colloquial catalan
La meva tata es molt bonica lol
by blebleh March 20, 2009
dad in Croation,serb, Bosnian etc,
"cao tata" meaning bye dad
by andjela May 10, 2008
tata means pussy in Liberian.
your tata is showing.
by Lorpu September 05, 2008
Punjabi word for testicle, bollock, knacker etc
'My left tata is a little bit smaller than my right tata' or 'some people only have one tata'
by Mojo7676 August 27, 2003
In Hawaii, if grandma remarried, this is how her second husband (or third, fourth, etc.) would be addressed by family members. So each child never has more than two grandpas and two grandmas.
Tata Charlie, Tata Pabro, Tata Jim, etc.
by C. Apuan November 22, 2007
The word 'tata' was derived from a acronym of the letters T and A. T stands for 'tag' and A stands for 'along', so you end up with the expression "tag along" essentially. The extra ta was added for acoustic purposes so it can be used more easily in regular conversation. The word can also be used to describe something else to those who do not know the meaning so that you are able to anounce that person as a tata when they are there to your friends.
Wow, that guy is such a tata.

Hey man, I just saw the coolest tata ever.
(alluding to something else in the tata's eyes such as a car, yet the other people know the true meaning)
by snowmansam August 12, 2008