slang term for breast
That girl has some nice ta ta's.
by torie may March 09, 2005
They may not seem shy but, they are very shy. At times all they need is someone to love them. When they are sad give them a hug and they will show upmost apriciation for what you have given them. They are at times not afraid to speak their minds and they easly gain feelings for People. When they are left out they tend to feel hated. They depend on friends to help them through hard times. This is not an insult
Person:" my friend is such a tatum"
by M8m8m8 January 06, 2015
A "Tatum" is a someone you call who steals a crush or a boyfriend from you. Meaning she can steal people just like "Channing Tatum" steals women's hearts.
"She's stole my boyfriend"

"She's a Tatum"
by tslynn June 23, 2014
Tata is an affectuous word in French to call an aunt. (The french version of "auntie")
Tata Gabrielle and Uncle Charlie will be back at any moment.
by Gabrielle J.B. October 07, 2009
An individual who says the same joke multiple times in the hopes that it will become funny, when in fact, it never does.
"Did Tatum just tell you that sexist joke about why women wear high heels?"
" lame."
by ChamomilE January 14, 2014
Used to get a object that a toddler is holding.
Tata Tommy! now give me back the remote!
by boyzexpert May 19, 2011
Trini slang to mean horse dung or crap..
This party is real tata

That new movie was tata
by triniperson the third December 09, 2010

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