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a beautiful girl that is the most popular person ever whos cooler then everyone else and who all the guys like..
man, that girl is a tatum
by hercules January 15, 2004
The best asset of a female. Other related words would be: Boobs, breasts, titties, knockers, fun bags. A cooler word for tits which the female species does not detect, thus allowing men to say tatums in public w/o being slapped.
God Pam Anderson has huge tatums!

Look at the tatums on that bitch
by Kevin J.C. April 03, 2006
Tata is a closing statement, such as 'bye' or 'see you'.
Tata! I'll see you later.
by thnom October 03, 2003
Used as a farewell statement, can be substituted for "good bye, caio, etc."
Oh, look at the time, I must be going. I'll be at mum's for tea an crumpets. Ta ta.
by |0| November 07, 2003
A grils name meaning Cheerful, Full Of Spirit. The name invokes imagery of beautiful, fresh-faced, athletic and creative girls who love to play beach volleyball and write poetry.
Antonym of Tatum: Heidi Montag.
Synonym of Tatum: Gabrielle Reece
by LucidLady February 05, 2010
A Tatum is a girl who is really easy to talk to. The best use for a Tatum is to bring her along on a "date" to prevent awkward silences if you're still uncomfortable with your the girl you like. She takes all the tension or awkwardness out of the "date".
"I was super nervous about my date with Jessica, but then i brought this Tatum i met at swim class along and it went really well"
by waitzsauce December 07, 2009
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