a street justice beating. when someone does something truly horrible and gets spanked.
in "suicide kings" Denis Leary's character mentions tattooing his drunk father with a bat. then he takes a toaster to the face of his wench-friend's abusive father-figure.
by kyle the ninja March 13, 2005
A Tattoo is a picture that is created by the application of ink to a lower level of non-ex foliating skin.
A tattoo, whilst considered bogan or trashy, is much more interesting than plain skin. Anything drawn on a blank canvas is more interesting, and warrants more thought, than a blank canvas.
Speaker 1: Oh when you get old you'll get all wrinkly and that tattoo will look gross.
Speaker 2: When i get old and wrinkly it won't matter that my tattoo looks gross, because my whole body will look gross.
by sdob15 September 14, 2009
1v.To insert pigment into the same layer of the skin that melanin is in. The broken top layer of skin then flakes off and when it heals pigment in permanently embedded there.

2n. a permanent mark made by tattooing

3n a design for application as a tattoo
tattoo designs usually reflect the mores and culture ( or subculture) of the wearer.
Some anthropologists theorize that
humans have always tattooed ourselves
(the oldest specimens of tattooed flesh Dated-3300 correlate with Chinese acupuncture meridians and may have been to heal the subject.)

4n. the craft of making tattoos

Tattoos are gaining increased popularity in the last decade due to increased media attention. Tattoos serve to bond together and define groups of people and are perfectly acceptable to most people as long as they are within the mores of the bearers particular group or subculture.

Tattoo is considered a handicraft by most college level art teachers and by their definition cannot be fine art.

Tattoo is taught by apprenticeship and takes years to learn and decades to master. Some states and countries have a ban on tattooing, but in most areas it is regulated on a local level, by OSHA there are many tattoo fan clubs world wide like the APT (Alliance for Professional Tattooists)

With the increasing popularity of Tattoo there are many people out to profit from the movement, semiskilled scratchers, tattoo "schools",franchise shops,show promoters, magazines and the media.
It has changed the face of tattooing.

1" I am going to tattoo you."
2"I saw her leg tattoo."
3."Did I draw your tattoo right?"
4."She is a master of custom Tattoo."
by vaunderbroad August 09, 2008
Everyone relax, tattoos are a reflection of your soul on your skin/flesh. It's a way to lay claim to your body and excercise your right to not give a shit what other people think. Tattoos are something no one can tax or take from you. People who think they are overpriced really don't have any sense of value or self esteem, and should try doing it for a living. Enjoy the self employment tax and overhead. There's a difference between thrifty and cheap.
I just went to Slavedragon Studios today, and Endo did a killer tattoo on me. We worked on it for a week or so gathering resource material and coming up with some custom design work. It was more irritating than painful, yet extremely enjoyable!
by Endorpheus January 02, 2005
A permanent drawing on the skin that shows that you are a conformist, a follower, a sheep, a person totally incapable of thinking for yourself, a mindless twit devoid of any originality, a twerp who wants to look just like every other tattooed clown in the world.

A tattoo is totally UNCOOL. Just take a look at Grandpa's arm, where he got his tattoo in Honolulu in 1945.
Pangborn got a tattoo, and now she looks just like every other soccer mom in the park.
by The Wog Whomper May 05, 2005
something that some people like, and others don't. lots of people between ages 18-35 have them. those who don't usually have the misconception that people only get tattoos to be cool and that they all will regret them in a few years. they also think that people with tattoos are conformists. in reality, they are obviously jealous otherwise they wouldn't spend so much time on UD writing negative things about people with them.
oh my god, like, did you ever consider that maybe people get tattoos because they WANT to? because they like them?
by bayou August 25, 2006
A form of atrwork that has been practived for much longer than anyone can remember. Some reasons are for religious, rite of passage, tradition, or the most common reason recently is that we all know people with tattoos are much cooler.
The only difference between tattooed prople and non-tattooed people is...tattooed people are much cooler and can kick your ass
by lonestar August 12, 2004

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