1v.To insert pigment into the same layer of the skin that melanin is in. The broken top layer of skin then flakes off and when it heals pigment in permanently embedded there.

2n. a permanent mark made by tattooing

3n a design for application as a tattoo
tattoo designs usually reflect the mores and culture ( or subculture) of the wearer.
Some anthropologists theorize that
humans have always tattooed ourselves
(the oldest specimens of tattooed flesh Dated-3300 correlate with Chinese acupuncture meridians and may have been to heal the subject.)

4n. the craft of making tattoos

Tattoos are gaining increased popularity in the last decade due to increased media attention. Tattoos serve to bond together and define groups of people and are perfectly acceptable to most people as long as they are within the mores of the bearers particular group or subculture.

Tattoo is considered a handicraft by most college level art teachers and by their definition cannot be fine art.

Tattoo is taught by apprenticeship and takes years to learn and decades to master. Some states and countries have a ban on tattooing, but in most areas it is regulated on a local level, by OSHA there are many tattoo fan clubs world wide like the APT (Alliance for Professional Tattooists)

With the increasing popularity of Tattoo there are many people out to profit from the movement, semiskilled scratchers, tattoo "schools",franchise shops,show promoters, magazines and the media.
It has changed the face of tattooing.

1" I am going to tattoo you."
2"I saw her leg tattoo."
3."Did I draw your tattoo right?"
4."She is a master of custom Tattoo."
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by vaunderbroad August 09, 2008
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A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.
Hey doc, now that I have a shot at a nice job, how do I remove this stupid tattoo?
by Frankie February 06, 2004
tattoo is a form of body modification.

'ink permanently implanted under the skin
Tattooing is a process by which pigment (ink) is permanently deposited (implanted) under the skin (well, into the non-exfoliating layers of skin).

We have archeological records of tattooing going well into pre-history (the tattooed iceman dates at 3300 BC). The word itself sources from "tattau", a Tahitian word which translates essentially as "to mark".' -Shannon Larratt

nowadays, there are technology to remove the tattoo such as a laser. thus, meaning the tattoo is a tattoo till is removed.
She found ink missing in her design so she must go back to get her tattoo retouched.
by sangre October 04, 2004
The art of having ink permenantly put in your third layer of skin. It is a very ancient art, and most modern day people either: 1) Believe it is a stupid act of idiocy, drunkeness, lust, rebellion, or a form of trying to attract/impress others. 2) Believe it is cool, the "hip" thing to do, or a great idea to do without putting any true consideration into it. Any person who is willing to get a tattoo should have a real reason to get it, wether that be self expression, a reminder of something, or a symbol of something(or somebody) you truly care about. Those who feel it is an idiotic/evil thing to do should grow up and start thinking outside the box.
Sensible Newly Inked Person: I got a new tattoo, it's my grandfathers name. He taught me so much, and I want to show everybody that he is always with me.

Retarded Wannabe Rebelious Teenager: Check out this Japanese character I got tattooed on my shoulder! Now all the chicks will think I'm cool, and all the jocks/preps/rednecks will quit making fun of me!
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by KenshinK January 13, 2006
A form of art-work. Usually a picture imprinted on the body to describe one's personality or feelings. It's a very serious art, not one to carelessly mess around with.
I think I'm going to get a tattoo.
Do you think getting a tattoo will hurt?
by millies June 20, 2003
A mark on a person that generally condems them to a life of crime, the more tattoos one has the higher the chance of a life filled with jails and institutions.
Ericas Dad: Erica just got like 20 tattoos all over her body

Ericas Mom: Well fuck we just pissed away 50k on her college. I wish she would have told me that so I could have prepped her for a life of crime.
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by MrHobbes69 June 22, 2014
A form of expression favored by people who cannot express their individuality through productive means for want of the mental and/or creative capacity. Popular with teenage girls, frat boys, chain-smoking broads, and late 19th/early 20th century sailors.
Teenage Girl: I would like a tattoo that reflects my individuality and unique personality.

Sleazy Tattoo Artist: How about a butterfly on your hip?

Teenage Girl: Its like you read my mind!
#tattoo #individuality #frat boys #broads #teenage girls
by The Ghost of Ambrose Bierce March 10, 2009
An imaged permanently inked on the body between layers of skin.

Some tattoos are indeed stupid. Usually done by scratchers who will ink things onto teenagers who are too young to realize what they're doing, or people who really don't grasp the concept of a what a tattoo is and the reality of forever.

A well thought out quality tattoo means something to their wearer and is done by a professional. They can be very beautiful and personal at the same time.
I have my sons footprint tattooed on my shoulder. Every time I see it I remember what a wonderful joy he brought to my life when he was alive.
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by NChick1987 December 05, 2005
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