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A superior and more mellifluous way of saying "tasty" that originated from typos of said word.
Ignore the other definition about a hubristic dullard, and say it out loud - it's catchy!
Leticia: Strawberries are tatsy
Monty: Baha - rabbit food I say! Now, chocolate trifle is tatsy... er, tatsier

Ramsay: That is one fine tatsy ass!
by Rebecca Rocker February 22, 2008
A person that likes to touch tits and does so, given the opportunity.
"Yeah... like, when we were making out he was soooo tatsy"
by BoogieBoobyMan May 27, 2012
A stupid, dumb, or arrogant person
( Plural - "tatsies" )

Stupid, dumb, or arrogant
There's no room for tatsies in sports - a big ego and a lack of intelligence is the perfect recipe for losing.

That guy is so tatsy - he's constantly bragging about how smart he is in school, yet he's never made an A!
by Wendo July 07, 2006
Slang term referring to a female who has tattooed her privates, or the actual tattoo itself.
Had a date with a tatsy last night, she showed me her pink taco tattoo.
Show me your tatsy you whore.
by bentleyx September 03, 2008