Tatnall is a private school that has most of the kids that didn't get into Tower Hill.
I didn't pass the test to get into Tower Hill, so I went to Tatnall.
by hah February 23, 2005
Top Definition
a school where the girls actually "pop" their collars and think they are the shit when most of them are rich as bitches who get whatever the fuck they want. They also think they r the shit because they have the guys but who cares at least the other private school guys dont have STD's
Jess Farmer thinks shes all that just cause shes got Nick but who gives a rats ass
by bob March 02, 2005
tatnall is a small private school in greenville delaware. most of the kids at tatnall have applied to tower hill, but have been rejected. therefore they find it necessary to buy all the fashionable clothes accessories etc...just to create the image that they in fact are on the same level as the students of tower hill. this is an illusion, tatnall is full of rich kids with absolutely zero personality, all they care about in their materialistic world is who is having the next big party, or what new brand is in. these kids only get into college because their rich parents pay the colleges off, i mean how else can these idiots get into any school. the guys at tatnall go fake tanning before games for goodluck, fags? yes. the girls are about as cool as a brick, and in fact you may as well be talking to one when you try to start a conversation with them. tatnall is a school for kids who are doomed to fail in life and are bitter that they were not good enough, and never will be good enough to attend tower hill.
hey i go to tatnall
oh really? lets have a tanning party!
by 2 April 30, 2005
Tatnall is a school located in Wilmington Delaware. IT's falling apart..and seriously needs to be renivated. ITs full of people who think they are better then everyone else. I would say 20% of the population are actually decent people. Majority of the people pop there collars and wear clothing 10 sizes to small. The girl's have bad reputations...but then again so do alot of private schools girls(towerhill for example. All i have to say is these Tatnall people need to get over themselves in realize they live in Delaware...and they are not the sh-t.
I got so wasted last weekend..and hooked up with 5 girls...and 3 guys.
by Sick of it April 14, 2005
Tatnall is a small private school in Wilmington, DE with many academically advanced and talented kids. They have the best running team in delaware and rank somewhere around third in the country. All of their sports teams are well off and successful (especially the field hockey team who creamed the tower hill school team in 2012). They excel in all the arts and all aspire to get into highly ranked colleges and then go on to become lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc.
we're all better than you pls go die now everyone
sheila: did you hear about the tatnall track team?
me: hell yeah..they just won their tenth first place in states trophy..
by patricia smithson January 10, 2013
a school in wilmington delaware where pompous assholes flock to in order to gain some sort of reputation. then they flaunt the fact they went to this puny institution like they were fuckin doogie houser or something
Yea. I went to tatnall. Bet you're glad you met me, huh? Now you can pretend you're my friend
-note: most tatnall kids who pull this shit on sallies kids get cut. bad.
by billy-bo jim-bob April 19, 2005
a school who thinks there good at fh...think again.. ths kicks ass...hell ya!!
Tower Hill beats Tatnall, again, 15-0!!
by :) April 05, 2005

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